What Is The Difference Between Karma And Destiny?

What Is The Difference Between Karma And Destiny?

When we are going through bad times it is normal to reflect on whether this would be some karma from a past life. The problem is that this is a type of thinking that can imprison us and make it appear that everything is fatalism or, as some say, “the destiny thing”. But karma, faith and destiny are different things, and none of them dictate that you will fail or be unhappy.

The Meaning of Karma

First, let’s reflect on the meaning of karma. This word originates from Sanskrit and has the meaning of “action” . Why action? Because every action has a consequence . And that is the real meaning of karma. Contrary to what many believe, there is no such thing as a divine punishment for having acted in a way that is harmful to others. This is a very moralistic way of thinking. Karma is not about morality. Karma is much closer to the concept of action and reaction physics than to a moral concept of good and evil.

If you did something, whatever it is, it will cause a reaction, a movement in your universe and you will suffer the consequences, whether they are pleasurable or painful. The confusing point here is that these consequences last beyond life incarnate. Between reincarnations karma continues, the consequences of what you did continue to exist, but as we do not remember past lives it is difficult to know the origin of karma.

Meaning of Destiny

Regarding the destination, it depends a lot on the belief and how this term is used. Destiny is a word that people understand differently. But we will approach it according to some esoteric studies. Destiny is something related to your life mission.  This is based on beliefs that we all have a divine essence and that that essence incarnated on Earth to manifest what it is. So your destiny is to be who you are, in the purest possible way.

Difference in between Karma and Destiny

What is between karma and destiny is free will. The possibility of making choices generates karma, generates consequences, which can lead us away from or closer to our destiny, our purpose in life. That is why it is important to dedicate yourself to some method of self-knowledge. This is the best way out. The more you know yourself, the more you will be aware of what your destiny is and the more you will be able to make good choices so that karma takes you towards your essence, towards the manifestation of who you really are.

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