Water Sign Guide: All About Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces Zodiac Sign

Water Sign Guide: All About Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces Zodiac Sign

Zodiac signs can be divided into four elements: earth, fire, air and water. Each of these elements represents a characteristic of the human being. Today we will talk about the water element, which is the element of emotions. The water signs are: cancer, scorpion and fish.

To make an analogy, let’s use the example of the states that we find water on our planet. Water can be found in liquid, frozen or gaseous states. Each sign is equivalent to a state of water and therefore has its particularities.


It is the sign that represents the liquid state of water. If water represents emotions, the liquid state is when emotions flow most freely. The sign of cancer is like a river of emotions that you do not control where they go, but in return are emotions that can refresh and have fun. Imagine a child playing in the river water and you have an example of the cancer sign in its essence. Pure emotion!

Because it is the most emotional sign of the zodiac, Cancer can be somewhat unstable and easily hurt. On the other hand, they are very loving and have a natural aptitude to take care of others.

Cancerians are also very attached to objects, situations and memories that have some emotional charge to them. Do you know that person who keeps something from their first date, their first date, or their grandmother’s memory of years ago? Typical cancerous attachment.


It is the sign that represents the frozen state of the water, that is, the Scorpio is easy to deal with frozen emotions. So sometimes the scorpion person seems to be a little cold and manipulative. It is because she has the ability to deal with emotions in a colder way, but can perceive and understand the emotions of others. So sometimes they can act by manipulating the emotions of others for a purpose she wants to accomplish.

Even with this coldness, scorpion is an emotional sign and also has its strong sentimental side, even though it is not customary to demonstrate this side as explicitly as Cancerians do. Here goes the old adage “It is hard on the outside but has a soft heart inside.”


It is the sign that represents the gaseous state of water. In this state emotions are kind of “in the air.” Emotions in this state give the person a half-flown or off-air. Pisces is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac.

Pisces is by nature someone who feels the emotions and energies that are present in the environment. As such, you can be extremely sweet and loving when you are in positive, upbeat environments, but you can become a depressed and sad person if you go to heavy energy places that have many conflicts.

The interesting thing is to observe in these three signs how they, although all of the water element, work with emotions differently. For example, imagine a situation where the person has an accident. If the person is cancerous, they can probably be sad and cry or worry that everyone else is fine. A Scorpio would identify the emotions of others involved and act on them to do what he wants to get out of there. And Pisces would probably abstract his emotions and try to find a meaning of why that had happened.

Despite these characteristics, it is very important to note that they are stereotypes based on the solar sign of a person’s astral chart. There are no two people with the same personality all over the world, so if we really want to understand how we are and how others are, it is important to study the astral chart as a whole and not just the sun sign.


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