What is Spiritism?: Introduction To The Invisible World And Spirits


Spiritism is a religion that arouses curiosity mainly because it believes in the possibility of contact with the spirits of the deceased. In addition, reincarnation is a belief that gains more and more followers and, therefore, spiritist doctrines arouse even more curiosity in people. See below some curiosities about spiritism:

Although the term “spiritism” was coined in the 19th century, beliefs about reincarnation and contact with spirits exist in records of ancient peoples from different world regions. From the Indians, who talked to their deceased ancestors, to the Orientals who believed in reincarnation, many concepts of spiritism have existed for centuries or even millennia.

Allan Kardec

The creator of spiritism, Allan Kardec, actually called himself Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail. After consultation with a medium who said that this was the Celtic name he had had in a past life, the name Allan Kardec was adopted by him after consultation with a medium who said that this was the Celtic name he had had in a past life.

Spiritism is based mainly on five books published by Allan Kardec: The Spirits’ Book; The mediums’ book; The gospel According to spiritism; Heaven and hell; The genesis.

The first of these books - The Spirits’ Book - was written from the consultation of Allan Kardec with about ten mediums who received messages from spirits and answered questions asked by them.

Although followers of spiritism are called “spiritists”, it is also common to be called “kardecists” because they study the works of Allan Kardec.

  • Some Christians question and conflict with followers of spiritism, as spiritists accept Jesus Christ as a human being, not just as a deity. Even the Catholic Church has already criticized spiritism for this stance, and some more fanatical religious have already burned spiritist books in protest.
  • The Brazilian Penal Code of 1890 considered spiritism to be a crime. For this reason, when religion arrived in Brazil, it suffered from prejudice, and even today, there are still cases of religious intolerance against spiritism.
  • In the state of Goiás, there is a city that spiritualists founded. The city of Palmela grew and expanded around a spiritist center.
  • Although it was founded in France, it is in Brazil that there are more followers of spiritism. It is estimated that there are more than 2.5 million adherents of religion in the country.
  • One of the most well-known spiritist authors in the world is the Brazilian Chico Xavier. He had his works translated into more than fifty languages , and even a film was made about his life story.

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