Coronavirus Pandemic: Astrological Predictions

Coronavirus Pandemic: Astrological Predictions

Coronavirus Pandemic: Looking at the sky and watching the messages it sends are essential attitudes to deeply analyze the situation we are currently experiencing in relation to the new coronavirus. Check out some of the predictions made by astrologer Deborah Rodrigues for this period:

We are in the vibration of the Crescent Moon, which began to occur on April 1st and touches the sign of Cancer, moving some important decisions in the family or in relation to loved ones. There are challenges in positioning ourselves as a family or with people with whom we have important ties. This generates a reassessment of the people who must be maintained. There is an important trine with the planet Mercury this week (first week of April), indicating that it is a positive time to exchange and share information with people closest to you, especially those with whom you are sharing social isolation.

On the 7th of April, exactly at 11:35 pm, we have a full moon that reveals important information. It occurs in the sign of Libra, so it will be a period in which there will be a need to position yourself in your relationships, especially in relation to partners, partnerships, society and the marriage itself. Things are clear in these relationships. We are going through a very complicated moment, in which questions such as: “Will I be able to stay at work?” or “will I be fired?” These issues will be clarified in conversations with partners, bosses and employees, in short, people from the professional environment. Capricorn is in the ascendant, which drives the professional matters that are pending.

The planet Mars makes an exact angle with Uranus and is in Aquarius, no longer in Capricorn, which indicates that there will be breaches of contracts and agreements. Everything that was planned can fall apart at that moment. The advice is: do not create resistance. Face that moment, and that also includes the issue of the new coronavirus, as a breeding ground for reconstruction and for putting the drops on the “i”.

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On the 14th there is a Waning Moon in the sign of Capricorn, making an exact angle with Pluto and Jupiter. During this period, it is possible to feel that things are falling, because the Waning Moon does just that: waning, generating endings for situations that no longer serve. Pluto is a planet of destruction, so those experiences that are often thrown under the rug will be discarded.

The Pluto aspect is separative. This means that what had to come up and show itself already did it in January, for example, so now things are starting to take shape. Because it is an exact aspect with Jupiter, it is a phase that opens up laws and rules that no longer work. As it also involves the field of studies, it is a time when schools, teachers and other educational institutions need to consider new methods, mainly because of the situation of the new coronavirus.

On April 22there is a New Moon, exactly at 11:25 pm. It is a conjunction at exactly three degrees of Taurus, which also connects with Uranus, which sheds light on economic problems. There is also a square with Saturn, which poses greater challenges for all of us. As mentioned, economic issues are in focus, especially for entrepreneurs and employees. The economic reorganization, the sky indicates, will take place over the next three months, that is, until July, with March and April the culmination of this situation, which began in February.

Coronavirus Pandemic - May, June and July 2020

Skipping for some time, on June 21st there will be a solar eclipse at zero degrees of Cancer, which will shed light on family issues. People are feeling lost and isolated, especially because of the situation of the new coronavirus, so a disorganization and the need to deconstruct conflicting values ​​among family members, so that the coexistence is healthier.

On the 17th of May there is a vibration of the Waning Moon in Pisces, together with Neptune. This is very significant, because the planet Neptune is the one that is related to contamination. It is possible to interpret, therefore, that in the vicinity of May 17, there will be an end to the lack of control related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite this, it is necessary to remain attentive, as shown by the New Moon that will take place on July 20 , at the end of the sign of Cancer, a position that indicates that the family and the closest people will be involved. Could it be a problem related to the pandemic, a new outbreak? It can be, so stay tuned, protect yourself and protect yours. If you already have your Astral Chart, analyze where you have Cancer on your map, in which sector this planet vibrates.

Regardless of the sector affected by this influence, there is a need for deconstruction , to let the vase fall and break, to see what will come next. Do not resist, because things will not be able to stay as they were, which also speaks volumes about the situation of the new coronavirus.

There is also, at the same time, a conjunction with retrograde Saturn, which changes a lot with the structure, the responsibilities and the way we are committed to everything. Saturn talks a lot about politics, and this backward position indicates that many things are going to change going forward. And that policy can even be an internal policy, that is, the way we run our lives.

After this period, which ends in the final days of July , a new cycle begins, a new family phase and a new economic moment. It is a “post-war” moment directly related to the coronavirus situation. It will be the moment to analyze the surroundings, the exchanges we make, the way you deal with the career path and how you want to create bonds.

Coronavirus Pandemic - Hope

Last year, exactly in August , the planet Neptune was square to Jupiter, indicating a facilitator for this pandemic, but also provoking an internal reflection: how much were you contaminated by hurt and resentment in the past? Use this pandemic period to clean up internally as well, starting a new cycle in a lighter way.

May you be able to win internal and external battles.

Note: Astrological forecasts are, as the name says, predictions, so follow the development of the coronavirus situation in reliable press sources and follow the guidelines of the Government or the World Health Organization (WHO) in relation to the pandemic.

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