Christopher Lambert

Christopher Guy Denis Lambert is an American actor, born in New York on March 29, 1957. This native of Aries, popularly recognized as Christopher Lambert, moved to Switzerland at the age of 2 because his father, a French diplomat, He was destined for the United States. There he lived until he was sixteen years old.

This enthusiastic and energetic representative of the sign of Aries, from a very young age, awakened his vocation for acting. Although his parents’ refusal led him to enlist in the Army, after completing his Compulsory Service, he decided to enroll in the Paris Conservatory.

Lambert, concerned about his ambition and objective, as indicated by his Aries sign, after playing various minor roles, debuts with “Greystoke, the legend of Tarzan, king of the apes”; a faithful adaptation to the legendary story of the boy who knew how to conquer the jungle. Despite this great performance, the character that brought him fame was not this one but the one he played in the film “The Immortals.”

In the 90’s he began to develop his career with science fiction films, starring in the saga “Infernal Fortress” and “Mortal Kombat”. This versatile actor of the Seventh Art, a hard worker and strong representative of his Aires sign, has been able to compose with great professionalism a wide variety of characters in genres such as action, adventure, thriller, science fiction, comedy, drama, epic stories and melodramas.

And the actor Christopher Lambert knows how to easily get into the skin of many of his characters, being able to play everything from a saint to a criminal. This legendary “Highlander” actor, as he has well expressed in his statements, fame and money are not the purpose of his career but rather the simple fact of feeling the passion that acting produces in him.

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