Chinese Horoscope: The Year Of The Monkey

Chinese Horoscope: The Year Of The Monkey

Did you know that 2016 is the year of the monkey? That’s right, according to the Chinese New Year, 2016 is the year of the fire monkey.

The Chinese new year does not follow the conventional calendar, for them the new year begins on February 8, 2016 and runs through January 27, 2017.

The monkey is considered the most auspicious animal in the Chinese horoscope. An auspicious being is generally prosperous, hopeful, promising, and carrying hopes of good events.

Belonging to the element of Fire, the monkey is an animal of great strength and motivation. The alignment between the animal and the element brings to 2016 the year of the Fire Monkey.

The monkey in Chinese astrology

The monkey is the ninth sign in Chinese astrology. Its main characteristics are ambition, cleverness, malice and the adventurous spirit. The fire monkey brings, in addition to these characteristics, charm, self-criticism and the ease of recognizing advice and teachings.

Another important characteristic of the monkey is its sense of humor. Always fun and lively, the monkey is partying and loves to be always full of friends.

In love the monkey is usually a little selfish. Unaware of this characteristic, the monkey ends up acting in this way, as it is concerned only with its own good.

The Year of the Fire Monkey

Guided by the energy of the Fire Monkey 2016 promises to be a year of energy and disposition. This energy and willingness will motivate many people to strive with great motivation for their goals.

The theme that guides this year of the Fire Monkey is ambition and the color of luck is red.

The combination of the monkey and the fire element brings vitality and innovation to business and personal relationships for the new year.

The year of the Monkey in business

The year promises to be very successful for new ventures. The resolution of ancient problems must also be facilitated by astral regency.

But despite good energies it is important to be careful. Before joining new people, make sure your partner is credible and willing. As the monkey is usually an impulsive animal, it is important not to be carried away by appearances.
Take action and decisions, but try not to act hastily.

The year of the Monkey at work

If you are looking for recognition this is the right time. The monkey’s audacity and ambition are excellent factors for professional recognition and for possibilities for growth and ascension.

Enjoy the year of the monkey and focus even more on your goals. But before making any decision do not forget: it is essential to act with prudence and make sure that the right people are around you.

The year of the Monkey in relationships

In the year of the monkey, many questions always arise. The adventurous spirit of the monkey can be uncomfortable in some relationships. To overcome these difficulties it is important to break the routine, innovate and surprise.

Try to act with care, but always innovating and surprising the people around you. Let yourself be carried away by the monkey’s restlessness and animation, look for something new involving old customs.

What to expect in the year of the monkey

2016 promises to be a year of progress. With periods of expansion and growth, the year promises to bring new and important opportunities. But it is worth remembering, it is important to take risks and innovate so that these opportunities become achievements.

Enjoy the arrival of this new year of the Chinese horoscope and have a very special year. Fight daily with courage and let the monkey’s energy help you achieve your goals.

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Article written by Tatiane de Paula from the Virtual Horoscope Team.

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