Chinese Horoscope - New Year of The White Metal Rat

Chinese Horoscope - New Year of The White Metal Rat

Many cultures around the world recognize that 2020 will be a very important year. Some cultures call this the beginning of the end or the beginning of a new era. What everyone has in common is the feeling that this will be a year of great change.

2020 - the year of the White Metal Rat - this celestial creature is of such power that it has a huge impact on all signs of the zodiac. This animal is an instrument of change, especially if it is supported by the Dog and the Dragon.

What Will This Mean For Us Earthly Inhabitants?

Think of these creatures as a gigantic space army. At the front are legions of Dogs and Dragons ravaging everything in their path. Behind them is their leader: a royal rat swinging a sword. This is a strange and magical image, but also significant. The rat brings big changes, wherever it goes. Think of it as a gigantic stellar hurricane. But instead of being completely destructive, this Rat plays with the fabric of space and time. This leaves us in her path, but everything around us will radically change. You can already feel some of these trends in November and December 2019.

New Year of The White Metal Rat

At the beginning of the year, waves of change will hit our planet, like a massive tidal wave affecting some signs more than others. The dog, the Rat and the Monkey will feel this most of all, the climate change is so strong that they will have to develop new tools and skills to cope with it. The pig and the Rooster will be easiest, but they will see a lot of rapid changes in the lives of friends and loved ones. Be prepared for the anxiety of many people around you.

The financial sector will resemble a giant valley: from January to the middle of the year, the forecast will gradually become more and more negative, and then slowly rise as it approaches December. June will be a time of great economic upheaval that can cause all kinds of panic. This may be challenging for people who have lost their jobs, having difficulty finding a job, or a significant reduction in resources and working time. Change looms in every industry. But these changes cannot be unequivocally interpreted negatively. All signs should consider change as a potential opportunity for new perspectives, and perhaps look for less proven ways. A Horse will have especially many great opportunities if they decide to achieve something in life.

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Some of these features may relate to creative activities. If there had ever been a year in which everyone could be creative, then 2020 would be one of them. If you had a desire to plunge into art, collect your album or write a great novel, do not postpone it anymore. Take time for an artistic impulse and do not look for excuses to avoid this. This will bring big dividends in subsequent years.

February is the time to take a break from the January chaos. Goat and the Bull will find great opportunities at this time that could lead to exciting adventures in the coming months. All signs should keep track of problems in the coming months. If there is someone, located on the site of the leader, find yourself a Tiger as an assistant. He will be the voice of reason arising from the chaos surrounding everyone. Do not follow the Tiger blindly, but listen to him and take advantage of his ideas.

Updates will bring the first results in the spring and many during this period will receive gifts from the universe. The Rooster and the Rabbit can be very immersed in work trying to get ahead and make their dreams come true, so do not look for them running from one corner to another. Other signs fall under the influence of the magic of spring, at this time emotions and feelings wake up, there is a high probability of meeting your soul mate. Try not to hide your emotions in May, and then this will open up for you many interesting opportunities in the field of personal relationships.

June and July are the time when the stars give an additional charge of energy to everyone to carry out any tasks that they need to perform. During this time, each sign will have its own mission.

Mid-July is the point at which everyone can notice a change in their life, and then this trend will begin to decline. In early July, there will be unstable growth and completely irrational reactions from surrounding people as a whole. Watch your surroundings.

A wave of calm will hit the planet in August. This month will be quiet and calm. This does not mean passivity and silence. This is the time for reflection and the beginning of the implementation of plans. This is the time to clear the trash and start recovery. Mid-August will be the perfect time for holidays and fun events. Reach out to friends and family for a month. Do not ignore your work, but it will be a time when loved ones in your life should take a higher priority.

Autumn is a time for reflection that needs to be put into practice. In 2020, White Rat plans for the future should be revised, especially if something went wrong in your life. The Horse and Monkey will be rising signs and will guide everyone around. Everyone has a lot to do, and stimulation is a key factor.

A wave of health problems will be on the horizon, but it is easy to stop with vigilance. After the financial struggle at the beginning of the year, many will begin to exercise caution, if not stint. This is a great time to invest or start a new business. Have you had any passionate project in your head and it has been boiling for a long time? September and October are the times when you need to make those dreams come true or at least start the game. In the new year, Stars say they want to see more in our lives, and many of us can succeed. Do not disappoint them.

November and December are the time when all the hard work comes to an end. For some people this time will lead to unexpected problems, for others this time will be a kind of final presentation.

Everyone will concentrate their energy on improving and prepare for 2021. Make sure that your families and loved ones receive additional support, and be sure to repay all debts. Contact the people with whom you have lost contact, and make sure that you are ready to provide them with any possible support. Nerves will be exhausted, and no one will get enough sleep, so be kind to all people. Remember: you never know the full story of other people.

2020 will be a chaotic and crazy year for everyone, no matter what calendar you follow. When chaos completely surrounds the planet, what can you do about it? Very little but learning how to respond to change. Keep your head up and stay rational in any situation. Prepare yourself for anything and everything. If you are strong and radiate self-confidence, this year will be successful for you.

“Change” is the keyword of the year. Forces beyond human control will determine our destinies in a way we could not imagine. So what can we do? As always, people can adapt to change and growth. 2020 is an amazing year for personal growth, even in the face of many challenges. We will become stronger in the hard work that awaits us in 2021.

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