Celine Dion

Céline Marie Claudette Dion is a renowned Canadian singer, born in Quebec (Canada) on March 30, 1968. This native of Aries, popularly known as Céline Dion, was only 5 years old and performed in a piano bar. At the age of twelve she begins to write her own songs.

Céline, with the enthusiastic and energetic personality of Aries, at the age of 13 launches into a career that will lead her to fame: a demo reaches the hands of René Angelil, who is captivated by the impressive voice of the small. From that moment on, she decides to be her manager and mortgages her house to finance her debut.

The singer, always concerned about her goals and ambitions (typical of those born under the element of Fire), lent her voice to the theme song for the soundtrack of “Beauty and the Beast.”

This Canadian with an impeccable voice, after her performance at the inaugural celebration of the Atlanta Olympic Games and receiving a Grammy for best female voice singer, in 1998 came the great opportunity of her life: performing the theme of the movie Titanic “My heart will go on.” Thanks to this, she obtains the Academy’s highest award, an Oscar award. Céline is one of the female soloists who has sold the most albums in history and she is the owner of one of the best voices in the world in popular music.

In her personal life, Céline has shown great strength in starting a family and preserving it over time. She married someone who has always been her manager and, despite the age difference of 26 years, the love remains latent. They are both parents of three children. As a good Aries native, she has worried about being successful in her profession as well as in her personal life.

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