Karma And Luck Is What Goes Around Comes Around

Karma And Luck Is What Goes Around Comes Around

Do you really want to hurt someone? Want revenge for those who betrayed you or used you? Is it worth thinking negatively about that person who snatched you? Are you sure about this? I don’t know if it’s worth it.

Did you know that what you send someone comes back to you with equal or greater strength?

This is pure physics. Every action has an equal or higher force reaction.

No one goes unpunished for any evil, gossip, disgrace, or negative thought he sends to others. Via return at any time. This is not punishment is universal law.

So if you are right now thinking about doing some evil or some kind of revenge against someone, even if that person deserves for some evil you have done to you or to a third party, you better stop the idea. It is true that you have been the victim of betrayal or gossip. But if you try to get revenge, it will get worse for you.

And why should we not take revenge or wish or harm against others? The answer is very simple: It will be you who will be hurt most in the end.

And why do I say this? For a sum of reasons I will explain below:

Law of Return

Or Law of Cause and Effect. This universal law says that all acts performed, whether harmful or destructive, positive or negative words and thoughts emitted by a person, achieve their goal and produce reflex action, returning to the starting point. Thus, an act of aggression against a person, for example, there is a practical action that has come to an end with the consummate act. Following in retroactive action, returns to the agent to complete the cycle.
But the return to origin does not have the same intensity as the departure of the act.

Reaction or return a thousand times worse

When you send a wave of bad energy after an action, thought, or words, as well as going to the “recipient”, this negative vibration will be associated with other negative vibrations of the same frequency emitted by others in a common egregore to this vibration. .

In this Negative Egregore there are thousands of negative thoughts and bad attitudes that people emit against others. That is, your revenge or negative attitude against a person will be associated with your sisters in the universe.

Therefore, when there is a return or reaction of the negative energy emitted to the source, what will return is a negative energy a thousand or millions times worse. It’s because? Because the negative return energy comes back with the similar Egregora sisters. That is, the return of the bad energies and their effects is much worse for the emitter.

So? Is it worth issuing thoughts of revenge or destructive attitudes?

Ever wonder how much positive energy you are failing to receive by not emitting good energies?

If you want revenge, go be happy.

Leave it to life to take care of those who betrayed or hurt you. Remember that everything I explained above will happen to this person as well.

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