Capricorn Temperament And Characteristics - 2023

Capricorn Temperament And Characteristics - 2023

A sign of fate, retribution, philosophy, the beginning of the world, the ruthlessness of time, is remotely associated with instincts and uses moderation and restraint as an internal system of self-preservation.

In general, Capricorns do not care about looking attractive. They rarely talk about themselves and consider their charm to be superior to their dignity. They do not demonstrate their merits, which is why they make a weak impression or not at all. produce it. They adore dim lights in the rooms.

As in other signs, there is a low, medium and higher type, but everyone is striving to climb the spiritual or worldly peak. To achieve them, not everyone has a supply of vitality - endurance, endurance, despite the great stamina - the main feature of Capricorn.

Some of the Capricorns - a rock that confronts difficult situations, others like Virgo - “working bees”, are not tired of looking for instant solutions or solve the problem with Taurus’s stubbornness, until they find the correct and final answer, until they turn lead into gold. Capricorns can be cool businessmen or politicians who are able to conduct transactions. These are patient, fair, loving, albeit strict, fathers who do not demonstrate their love.

In Capricorn, under calm serenity, greed and self-denial, a demon and a god, can endlessly fight. Disregard for the charm and attractiveness of Capricorns is reflected in clothing. The main motives for men and women are simplicity, moderation, poise, modesty, frugality, and little imagination. Usually retreat from fashion, many simply despise the cost of clothing. Ascetic in youth, but then suddenly become extravagant. The only motive that forces them to give clothing at least some attention is ambition. They are more likely to look correct than interesting.

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