Capricorn Professions and Business Guide - 2023

Capricorn Professions and Business Guide - 2023

In youth, they are divided into two types: one early learns what it wants in life and ceases to be a child aged 3 to 5 years, the other cannot decide when to take an important step and postpones it for as long as possible. She learns and grows up too slowly and remains dependent on her parents up to 30 - 40 years old, right up to the parasitic inability to make any kind of effort.

Most Capricorns belong to the first type, are not afraid of hard work, usually “swing” before they start, they may not differ in the abundance of their ideas and improvisations, they are patient and punctual, they can work from early morning to night, without feeling neither hunger nor thirst, not a monotony. Work better at. alone or need a personal office to protect against noise, persons and contacts, or work outdoors in the country. The sense of collectivism is poorly developed, they prefer to carry out all stages of work independently, like an architect building his cathedral alone.

They are correct and keep a distance with subordinates; they know how to bring them into work. Usually inspire respect, rarely devotion. They themselves respect the authorities, but at a distance. They rarely change jobs and usually become irreplaceable employees.

Capricorns are good as shepherds, farmers, miners, diggers, builders of roads, houses, designers, watchmakers, lawyers, antique dealers, geographers, agronomists, architects, pharmacists, mining engineers, mathematicians, philosophers, sociologists, administrators, politicians.

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These dictators save money, are prudent and distrustful, do not like complications and risk, speculation, but rely on luck in their plans. Many are content with little, lead a moderate life.

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