Capricorn Health Problems and Precautions - 2023

Capricorn Health Problems and Precautions - 2023

Resists disease better than it seems. They can survive anyone if they do not allow ossification. He does not notice the first signs of the disease, and when something happens, he imagines that it is fatal.

Weaknesses: knees, hips above the knees, bones, muscles, blood circulation, thyroid gland, skin.

The skin should be kept in exceptional cleanliness. Often suffer from an excess of calcium: calcium deposition - a stone on the teeth, growth of cones and bulges (extra bones), on the hands, wrists, ankles. Deafness due to sclerosis. Many eat too much of monotonous food - vitamins and hormone deficiency replenishment are needed. May be sluggish digestion. Many people limit themselves almost all their lives, and then suddenly after 60 years they grow stout. .

All are prone to colds, arthritis, vertebral scoliosis, circular blockages, deposits in veins and arteries, sclerosis, thinning of the walls of blood vessels, dermatoses, eczema, varicose veins, kidney and heart attacks.

Precautions: carefully varied diet, low salt, sunny climate, mountain air, lack of drafts, warm underwear and nightwear, regular massage and not too much in bed.

The worst enemies are humidity and cold, prescriptions should be moderate, consistent, not radical, often hypochondria. For complaints, psychotherapy is desirable, with an emphasis on harmonizing internal anxiety with apparent external indifference.

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