Capricorn in Relationships: The Most Empathetic Sign Of The Horoscope

Capricorn in Relationships: The Most Empathetic Sign Of The Horoscope

In the tenth article of the series on signs and relationships, I deal with Capricorn.

Know well the personality of Capricorn

If you are looking for solidity, someone responsible, who takes care of the family’s safety and comfort and will share the bills with you without complaint, found it! If you insist on affection, company, romance, kisses, and hugs, it is better to go back to Cancer or Pisces. Here, you’ll never be at hand, but don’t expect too much tact.

Capricorn thinks, eats and breathes responsibility. They want to leave something worthwhile for posterity, you know? Everything must have a practical reason, and happiness, satisfaction, or pleasure is not among them. The business here is material, and the display of affection comes a lot through gifts, especially if the individual’s Moon is in this sign.

The Zodiac provider does not understand your complaint because of long hours of work or because you were sick, and he went to see the work on the new apartment and left you alone. After all, he was fulfilling his obligations and guaranteeing your livelihood and roof. What else can anyone want in life, right?

It is necessary to understand this and seek tact to make them see the importance of affection and joy. They (they) do not know, and they need to learn. And they must learn the importance of this as much as of a life focused on values that are also spiritual, under penalty of, between 40 and 50 years, being forced to go through material hardships, to learn to value the rest.

What is the best virtue of Capricorn in love?

The Capricorn symbol is a goat with a fishtail, symbolizing the duality of the sign: matter (goat) x spirit/sensitivity (fish). They need someone to teach them this through love,  or life will teach them through pain, mind you.

Capricorn are exemplary and resilient employees at work, low profile, and they walk with discretion towards the top, a place that they understand they must reach. They are tireless and organized (unless there are substantial aspects on the map indicating otherwise).

As bosses, they are demanding and have a hard time understanding why you need to leave to put your child to bed. It is necessary to carefully analyze how far the lack of tact goes to give up your life in the name of anything; these people will not think long before sending you away. They are practical, remember?

Don’t be too open or relaxed around Capricorns, and they appreciate discretion and reserve. Be practical and productive, and you will get along with them.

If the Capricorn is open to learning in life, when he is taught love based on affection and not just sustenance, he (she) will become the best companion of the Zodiac (in my view). Besides, they are like wine, and they improve with age, and their sense of humour also increases with the years. It is worth the wait!

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