Cancer Temperament And Characteristics - 2023

Cancer Temperament And Characteristics - 2023

Intelligence sinks into the soul from the “darkness.” Cancer has a good intellect, an incredible memory, he just should not use it for digging himself, regret and revenge.

It’s good if Cancer uses his rich life experience as a weapon with which to go, and not as a nest in which you can retreat. If he ceased to be afraid of the phantoms created by him, but made them work for themselves, if he forced himself to live in reality, and not in dreams! If he thought about his tomorrow and would drop what was yesterday! But Cancer backs away or to the side, scared. If necessary, he goes forward, but stops in fear, holding his breath.

No other sign has a greater potential affection than Cancer, no one can be more playful, loving. If not, there is always the threat of escape into the subconscious from harsh reality.

None of the signs are homesick, like Homeland, like Cancer. Cancer needs time to think, it cannot be rushed. If you have the patience to cultivate Cancer as a rare plant, there is no greater return than from it. Crayfish women like to take care of their bodies like cats, preferring silk, lace, delicate tones, long hair, following fashion with prudent elegance. Men are usually sleek, mannered in their youth, with a tendency to become careless in later years.

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