Cancer Professions and Business Guide

Cancer Professions and Business Guide

In his youth, Cancer is in no hurry to become an adult. The world is limited by basic necessities of life: hunger, thirst, sleep. They wait for fate to decide what to do for them. Many follow in the footsteps of their fathers, engaging in family craft, but open protest can lead to the choice of the profession that is opposite from family occupation. The lunar type is slow, lethargic, lethargic, lethargic, better manifested in routine work, trumpeting a minimum of mental effort. While he is doing work, he thinks of something of his own.

Slowly begins, but stubborn, consciously obedient. Being busy with work, he knows how to simplify the work for himself and others. This type works better in an intimate, family-like setting, where he sympathizes with everyone around him. It often allows you to underestimate yourself, exploit, receive less than you deserve. He does not have enough “nerves” to ask for an increase.

The nervous type (the influence of Saturn) can abuse familiarity, but cannot give or take orders, move from work to work, fluctuating between bursts of enthusiasm and extreme irritation.

Both types are potentially good at work related to children, animals, food, clothing, water, liquids in general. They make good specialists in breeding horses, dogs, staff of kindergartens, zoos, circuses, child psychologists, psychiatrists, obstetricians, nannies, owners and managers of bars, pubs, restaurants, shops, navigators, gardeners, foresters, watchmakers. They can be great moms. (Also view: Cancer Career Advice: Top 10 Best Jobs and Careers)

Often, some types of Cancer carry something parasitic. In the best case, they are brought to order, or they just gamble and the lottery, at worst they become alcoholics and idlers.

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