Cancer Health Problems and Precautions - 2023

Cancer Health Problems and Precautions - 2023

Some are unpleasant that they were born under this sign because of the similar name of the disease. But to be born under this sign does not at all mean being susceptible to this disease.

Vulnerabilities: stomach, liver, bladder, intestines, organs associated with processing food and removing them from the body.

These people are prone to fullness, low blood pressure, they should avoid constipation, poisoning the body and leading to depression, with a full moon, avoid too long sleep, do not drink a lot of fluids, including soft drinks and water.

Many Cancer diseases are psychosomatic (due to periods of depression). Here you need to change life habits, food, sleep, and not doctors who will help nothing.

The parents of the Cancer child should not punish him by locking him in a dark room, he must ensure that he does not sleep very long during his teenage years and does not drink too many drinks during puberty. Cancer at any age should not eat hastily.

Cancer women often have painful menstrual periods with migraines and cramping, but they have the easiest birth. They are worse than women of other signs, affected by abortion.

Both men and women are prone to stomach ulcers, have hypochondriacal tendencies; they should strive for full employment so as not to indulge their own weaknesses and not fall into self-pity.

Preventive measures: diet, warm baths, regular sleep, good rest. Certain nerve depressions can be cured by careful use of hypnosis or magnetism.

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