Cancer Food Diet, Vitamins and Nutrition - 2023

Cancer Food Diet, Vitamins and Nutrition - 2023

Many cancers are gourmets, but because of the increased sensitivity of the stomach, intestines and liver, they need to be very careful in drawing up their menu. Foods and drinks that increase acidity or cause fermentation are not suitable at all. Spirits and beer are especially harmful. All sour-milk products are useful for Crayfish, as well as fish - it is better to have river products, since it has a lower salt content. It is good if the lunch menu includes soup. For breakfast, it is better to cook milk porridge from various cereals, especially oats. Due to the increased sensitivity of the stomach, Cancers need to be careful about raw vegetables and sour fruits. Of the first, zucchini and fresh cucumbers are useful to them.

It is best to keep everything fried and smoked to a minimum, while meat and fish are baked or boiled. Avoid eating dark meat (beef, lamb). Seafood: shellfish, crab, shrimp - can cause an allergic reaction. Separate meals are recommended for people with a particularly sensitive stomach.

To avoid fermentation, Cancers should not drink sweet tea immediately after eating. Due to the tendency to lower pressure, coffee is sometimes useful for them. As a cleansing, washing agent, it is good to drink a glass of cold water on an empty stomach and before bedtime. Of the fragrant herbs, Cancer is recommended for lemon balm.


Meat, poultry, liver; seafood, fish; Brewer’s yeast; Cheeses vegetables, legumes, oatmeal. Mustard, garlic; walnuts, peanuts; Rye bread; raspberry.


Fish, veal, poultry, chicken eggs. Coarse bread, buckwheat, legumes. Cocoa, Chocolate pumpkin and sunflower seeds, nuts. Fruits: citrus fruits, apricots; figs and dates. Watermelon, honey.


Meat, seafood, chicken eggs; milk products. Legumes Bakery products.

Vitamins Essential for Cancer - F, C, E.

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