Can We Trust Psychics And Mediums? How To Distinguish Charlatans?

Can We Trust Psychics And Mediums? How To Distinguish Charlatans?

It is true that the subject of this article is controversial.

But it serves as a warning for those seeking answers from the spirit world to life’s problems. Everyone at some point in their life have sought answers to important questions of life in an alternative and esoteric approaches like psychics and mediums.

The truth is that we must be careful, very careful, with what we hear from entities. We must never take any kind of message from beyond as a gospel truth. Mediumship is a reality, but not all spiritual and medium messages should be taken literally and they should always be viewed with a little skepticism.

Developing Mediumship

“If a man really has a lot of faith, he can afford to be skeptical.” Friedrich Nietzsche

The problem starts there. You are looking for a spiritualist, umbandista center or whatever the spiritual line of the place is and listen to that mediumship. Which is incredible news for those who live spirituality up close and seek this support to direct their lives. And there you go, take development classes or, depending on the case, go straight to the incorporations.

So far, so good. But see, almost no center director or medium is a clairvoyant. The clairvoyance is a rare skill to find, which means that most of the directions of a house are passed by the incorporated entities and a few mediums (sometimes none). They are actually seeing who is there and who that entity is. And in that, there are many places receiving backrest advice, kiumbas, or whatever the name the line in question uses. And they will always say “there’s no such thing,” but if you don’t see what’s happening yourself, always be skeptical.

“Mediumship is a part of nature. We are all mediums, some more, others less developed, and we exchange energies with each other.” Zibia Gasparetto

And even for those who see the spirits, it is not always easy to identify who are the personalities that present themselves. The traditional backrest, the “suffering spirit” stereotype do exist, but not only the threshold is made of them.

There are many intelligent and powerful spirits that inhabit the threshold and who are able to shape-shift identities and give advice as if they were entities of light. The mediums’ ego (which is neither bigger nor smaller than the ego of human nature) will always say “I know how to identify” or “I feel the energy, there is no way I can be deceived” or, even “I trust my guides,” but the truth is that we are all subject to this kind of smarter harassment. Waldo Vieira and other mediums have already addressed this issue, which still seems to be taboo in spiritualist houses. So be careful.

Animism Is Always Present

This is another issue that we must take into account when dealing with the mediumistic universe: animism. Yes, it is always present, whether in a more intense or less intense way. Animism is nothing more than the interference of the medium’s conscience in past messages. This issue is described in the Mediums’ Book, by Allan Kardec (chapter XIX).

The question asked by Kardec was: Can written or verbal communications also be from the medium’s own spirit?

The response obtained was as follows:

“The medium’s soul can communicate like any other. If she enjoys a certain degree of freedom, then she regains her Spirit qualities. You have the proof when visiting the souls of living people who communicate with you, often without being called. Because it is good to know that among the spirits you evoke there are those who are incarnated on Earth. In this case, they speak to you as spirits and not as men. Why couldn’t the medium do the same? ”

If we assume that most mediums are semi-conscious, this means that most of them are there, conscious, while the entity engages and uses the medium’s body to communicate. This is not to say that unconscious mediums cannot suffer from animism, because they can.

But it is, in fact, more difficult, since they are totally unconscious during the mediumistic trance and do not remember anything that was said during the service. But there is still a meeting of consciences, that is, the spirit still depends a little on the medium’s knowledge base to communicate.

A very common example that we can easily perceive is the language itself: a medium speaks a specific word incorrectly and, when incorporated , continues to speak that same word incorrectly. Therefore, we can say that no spiritual message from an incorporation or any other spiritual phenomenon is free from animism, which makes this universe is even more nebulous. Therefore, it is always very necessary to investigate the seriousness not only of the medium you are advising, but also of the house you are attending. Always be attentive. Always trust but with skeptic suspicion.

Quackery Is A Reality

The above two topics concern de facto mediums, that is, people who are able to communicate with spirits. Whether they are from the light or a degree of animism their suffering is debatable, but we are actually dealing with mediums. In this topic, the warning is for the fact that there are many charlatans in esotericism, many.

People who claim worlds and funds power and, in fact, are only deceiving you to make money on your naivete. This is older than walking forward and exists in all human areas, and with spirituality it would be no different.

“A mediumistic faculty cannot be a reason for suspicion, as there is a real aptitude. The correct thing is to always act in good faith to obtain a satisfactory result. Unfortunately, anything can become an object of exploitation; there is no disinterested quackery. If someone feels coerced, the best thing to do is to show disinterest; the most peremptory answer that can be offered to those who wish to achieve us.” Allan Kardec

There are even many techniques used by this type of person and are known to those who study spirituality a little more deeply. Want to meet some?

1. Forer Effect

Forer Effect has to do with the mental openness that we naturally have in receiving astral messages, because, almost always, we are the ones who look for them. Thus, we already have an immense receptivity that makes us believe that a generic description made from the knowledge acquired about the human mind, is, in fact, a description highly faithful to our personality. They seem very assertive and exclusive, but in reality, they would fit most people who live on Earth. Want to see some examples?

“You are outgoing with friends, but you like to be alone in some moments;”
“You tend to think independently. Do not accept anything they say without having any proof whatsoever;”
“Sometimes you can’t sleep, because you keep thinking about all the things you would like to happen or your problems;”
“You lost someone you love;”
“Something is bothering you, you have a problem.”

All of these phrases are classic examples of statements that seem personal, but are totally vague and can be easily applied to anyone. And since validation is always subjective, that is, done by us, this makes us even more susceptible to believe what the charlatans say.

2. Hans Effect

In the late 19th century, early 20th century, the German mathematician Wilhelm von Osten had a horse named Hans. The mathematician claimed that his horse knew how to make calculations and gave numerical answers by tapping his paw. But, thanks to the investigation by the German psychologist Oskar Pfungst, it became evident that the horse did not calculate anything, but rather responded to the body language of the person who asked it: when the number of touches approached the correct answer, the person who did the question became tense, and when the horse reached the correct number, the person would relax. So Hans would stop kicking his paws.

Charlatans can use this same method very quickly. For example, they may say: “Lately, you have been having problems with a man… no, with a woman.” They play a green based on the most common problems of the consultants, such as money and love, and, before finishing the sentence, observe the expression of the consultant. Thus, they are able to carry the message with a higher level of assertiveness, using yourself as a guide. And you didn’t say a word! Yeah. You may not have consciously said it, but your expressions serve as a guide for the charlatan to follow one way or another in carrying the message from the beyond. It seems spiritual, but it is pure deception.

3. The Chosen

This trick is well managed.

Quacks use this trick to gain their clients’ confidence during an appointment. They say something very positive about you, putting you in a prominent position in life. Something like ” you have incredible potential and you are not taking advantage of your talents and skills, but you know it exists.” Who doesn’t want to hear that he’s like Neo from The Matrix? “The chosen one, the different, the full of potential?” Yeah. See that it will never be said that you are a horrible person or anything like that. It is always positive and differentiating, which affects our ego. If you hear something along those lines, put your two feet back, as the chances of you being deceived are high.

4. Exchanges

This is, of all techniques, the most delicate to observe. Yes, it is true that we can use spiritual work as a way of relating to the spiritual world. But when you are offered exchanges as a way to achieve whatever your desire is, especially when it is futile or mundane, be wary. Offering food, animal sacrifice, or performing rituals are part of some religions, but a good center will always guide you to solve your problems through the growth that exists hidden in the difficulties. Overcoming them using a magical and easy path is not part of the spiritual light and can be very expensive. The spirituality does not bargain and does not change, believe me. If this is the solution presented and, especially if it costs a large amount of money, disregard and look elsewhere.

How Do You Know When It Comes To A Message From The Light?

That answer is easy: watch the message.

First see if it makes sense in your life, if in fact it is something that has been revealed to you and that coincides with what you are living or looking for. The more secretive the revelation, the greater the chance that you will be facing an entity or a mediumistic phenomenon. And, if the content involves money or harms others, you already know the answer.

Although easy, applying this idea when it comes to mediumship and clairvoyance is a little more complicated than it seems. Our desire and our ego always tends to believe, especially when the message seems to meet our desires or give us that sense of belonging, of being some kind of a “chosen one”.

If the solution offered is easy and does not involve your own growth, you are in the wrong place, listening to the wrong person. Leave your ego of the lake and abandon your desires when making this judgment. Another tip is to always try to say as little as possible about yourself and not confirm or question what is being said.

Control your expressions and let the psychic or medium speak without expressing emotions. And remember that not everything that is said is an immutable sentence! The medium may have said something based on a probability, so things may change. Do not become attached to it!

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