Books For Those Who Want To Study Astrology In 2023

Books For Those Who Want To Study Astrology In 2023

Astrology is a fascinating field of study. And what is even more fascinating is that we can live in an age where information is free and easily accessible. In ancient times, astrologers had little access to books and much of the knowledge of the time depended on orders and schools of astrology restricted to small groups. Fortunately, nowadays, we can go to any bookstore or buy many books online that are excellent for those who love astrology. Therefore, we have separated a list of some reading suggestions for those who are passionate about this subject. See below:

The stars and love - Liz Greene

One of the most admired and recognized astrologers of our time is the American Liz Greene. She dedicated her life to the study of psychology and astrology and released several books. One of them, “The stars and the love” was launched in Brazil and is a great read for lovers of astrology. It addresses topics essential to astrology and the relationship of various astrological symbols to love and relationships.

Basic astrology course - Volumes 1, 2 and 3 - March, Marion D.

These three volumes talk about everything that a beginner in astrology needs to learn to understand about birth charts and horoscopes. The authors explain in simple and clear language what you need to know about planets, signs, houses and aspects. In addition, the book shows several examples of signs on the planets and the most diverse combinations so that you can interpret your birth chart with the help of books.

Everything you wanted to know about astrology and had no one to ask - Juarez de Fausto Prestupa

The title of the book already sums up well why it is good. All those doubts you have when you hear about astrology are answered in a very didactic way by the author of the book. This book serves as a good reference guide whenever you have questions about planets, signs and birth charts, you have nowhere to find the answers.

An astrological study of psychological complexes - Dane Rudhyar

For more advanced students, Dane Rudhyar’s books are great choices. Rudhyar was one of the most studied astrologers of the 20th century and is an essential read for anyone who wants to get deeper into astrology. The book “An astrological study of psychological complexes” makes a relationship between astrology and some subjects treated by psychology.

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