Blue Moon: What It Is, What It Is Not And How It Influences You?

Blue Moon: What It Is, What It Is Not And How It Influences You?

No, you will not see the blue moon when you look at the sky. The Blue Moon phenomenon has this name because it refers to something rare, consequential, and unique. That is, it has nothing to do with the actual blue color. The Blue Moon happens when, in a month of 31 days, there are two full moons - one on the first day of the month and another on the last.

When does it happen?

But, don’t think it is not easy to happen. The phenomenon occurs, on average, every two and a half years. That is, everyone has several opportunities during their lives to witness and appreciate this feat of nature!

Representativeness to society is diverse, as, during this period, the moon has twice the magnetism and energy. The full moon alone is already a time of great emotions since it is powerful and sensitive, so it is easy to imagine that twice all this power favors the realization of dreams, in addition to altering people’s emotions.


There are many ways to take advantage of this phenomenon to turn it into an opportunity for personal growth and profound changes in your life. The first alternative - and perhaps the most important and rewarding one - is to leave the house, look at the sky, appreciate the moon, and thank you for living this moment, because, however long the period between one Blue Moon and another is not so long, remains an extraordinary and rewarding situation. Besides, you can also take advantage of the Blue Moon to place orders, meditate and receive positive energies.

It is also considered a great time to start a relationship, go-to romantic or sensual encounters - remember that magnetism is doubled at this time, enhancing sensations and emotions.

If you need to place an order with the moon, you  can light a candle according to your desire. With a red candle, you ask for more courage. A green one represents the request for health. The yellow-colored candle shows that you yearn for more creativity in life. With the rose, the request is for more love, be it in any form - love from parents, dear friends, or in a relationship. The blue candle is used to ask for peace for your mind, spirit, and the world.


It is also the right time to perform rituals in search of answers about your future. As the Blue Moon is considered the Matriarch, that is, the mother of transformations, sensitivity, and achievements, it is believed that it is the right time to make requests and thanks, since we will be more sensitive to absorb and send good energy to the planet and the rest of humanity. It is also a great time to emanate love and peace.

How does it help?

The Blue Moon is related to several factors and helps us in many sectors of life. But be careful because it also brings up contradictory sensations. For example, the Full Moon in Aquarius makes us think more about others, but at the same time, it makes us want to have freedom and independence. For Virgos, this moon reflects on evaluating situations and alternatives to everyday problems.

Do not forget that when you witness this phenomenon, you can take advantage of the situation to reflect on your life and remember your actual goals and principles.

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