Do Opposite Zodiac Signs Attract? Should You Date Your Opposite Sign?

Do Opposite Zodiac Signs Attract? Should You Date Your Opposite Sign?

As much as some try to deny it, it is a fact that we all live in search of a love that completes us and brings us the long-awaited peace and long-dreamed true love. In astrology, this usually happens when people of opposite signs are interested in each other. It is practically an instant romance with excellent chances of being successful forever, or at least for a long time.

How opposite star signs attract in astrology

The opposite signs are those in which they are represented on the opposite side in our birth chart, and they are also those that have precisely opposite elements. Remember that the twelve signs are distributed in the shape of a wheel with six axes, each with two diagonally opposite signs.

Possible combinations are:

  • Aries (Fire) - Libra (Air)
  • Taurus (Earth) - Scorpio (Water)
  • Gemini (Air) - Sagittarius (Fire)
  • Cancer (Water) - Capricorn (Earth)
  • Leo (Fire) - Aquarius (Air)
  • Virgo (Earth) - Pisces (Water)

As these signs are immediately inverted, they also tend to donate inverse characteristics to their natives. It is natural for a Cancerian to be attracted to a Capricorn, for example. The Cancerian is naturally emotional and dreamy and therefore needs someone to bring him back to earth and have a firm grip on the relationship, no one better than a Capricorn native for this.

We always tend to look for characteristics that “are missing” in our personality from our romantic couple. That is why we have the feeling that we are complete when we are in love! It is a way to have all the necessary energies to apply in life and have a more complete, satisfying, and lasting coexistence.

As we have said other times here in the My Today’s Horoscope, a person must have their entire astral chart analyzed to get to know their characteristics and personality in depth. So, don’t worry if your husband or girlfriend, with whom you want to spend the rest of your life, doesn’t have a sign opposite to yours. This is just a greater likelihood of great love happening. But, exceptions always happen and are very welcome! Enjoy the love that fits you, the way that makes you happy!

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