Astronomical Map: What does the Sky Background represent?

Astronomical Map: What does the Sky Background represent?

Each detail of a person ‘s star chart can indicate particularities. The more we interpret and the more we pay attention to detail, the more we discover important characteristics and personality traits. So it is with the so-called sky bottom, or the cusp, the angle that starts your fourth house.

The bottom of the sky represents your deepest self. It is a representation of the kind of relationship you have and need to have with your family, so much so that it is not uncommon for most people in the same family to have the same sky background. He also holds great information about their childhood.

Below is a brief interpretation of the sky background in each of the Zodiac signs. Check out:

Aries Sky Background

They indicate people of strong personality who like to have their individuality respected. It may be that classic case of “black sheep in the family.”

Taurus Sky Background

It’s those family members who tend to be the link between all the other family members. He is a reliever, a good counselor and may have been a child without any major difficulties.

Gemini Sky Background

They are very sociable people who exchange everything for a good conversation with their relatives. In addition to the fact that they enjoy the presence of many friends around you.

Cancer Sky Background

Extremely sentimental people who are too attached to the family. They tend to be melancholy, so they need time in solitude to rearrange their thoughts and recharge their energies.

Leo Sky Background

They need to stand out from other family members because once they are highlighted, they like to always be in or surpassing all expectations that they themselves create.

Virgo Sky Background

They tend to be overprotected children who grow up with an excessive need for organization, only feeling safe in high energy environments of this kind.

Libra Sky Background

To be at peace, the people of Libra need to be in harmony with their families. They will hardly take a fight very seriously and soon try to make up. They are extremely sociable and diplomatic.

Scorpio Sky Background

Usually it is those relatives who are a question mark for the whole family. They are reclusive and un sociable.

Sagittarius Sky Background

They are detached people who tend to consider home wherever they feel good. Freedom is the word for people with the sky background in this sign.

Capricorn Sky Background

These were usually children whose parents had high expectations, which made them grow up needing security and stability at all times. They are serious and reserved towards the rest of the family.

Aquarius Sky Background

They are usually the eccentrics of any family. No wonder if you’re someone with artistic tendencies and unusual interests.

Pisces Sky Background

They are so attached to family members that they tend to have difficulty accepting, finding, and affirming their individuality.

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