Aries Temperament And Characteristics

Aries Temperament And Characteristics

The influence of Mars and the Sun gives a spark, relentless movement and a tendency to exaggerate. But Aries will do everything to avoid boredom and depression. For example, they will not go to the funeral of their best friend, but they are surrounded by the care and attention of close friends.

Aries feel more than they think. They can be extremely generous and love to give gifts and give orders.

Courageous, often stoic type, full of original ideas and tireless curiosity for everything new. Sign of pioneers and inventors. He likes to make his own path, curiosity can turn into indiscretion and restraint.

Aries women like to go ahead of fashion, tend to extravagance, prefer bright colors: yellow, green, lemon, orange.

Both women and men Aries are potential madmen, these are heroes, conquerors, crusaders. But all this is primary, raw energy. Brute force can give a person an impatient person that does not reckon with the feelings of other people, enraged and frantic if disturbed, unjust and aggressive to sadism and destruction (and self-destruction too).

Aries has an element of “self”, self-affirmation, but also a thirst for responsibility, self-dramatization and self-denial. You should never argue with Aries.

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