Aries Health Problems and Precautions

Aries Health Problems and Precautions

For those born under the sign of Aries, the vulnerable part of the body is the head. The trend for headaches. Must avoid drafts, colds, sore throats, regularly check teeth not only for holes and hollows, but also abscesses and gum infections, pay attention to bad breath.

Parents of the Aries child should make sure that there is good lighting when reading, to check if glasses are needed, especially during puberty, which affects Aries due to the inherent signs of this sex drive. Aries do not like to eat in poorly lit rooms. Aries have a tendency to be careless about their health.

Often these are reckless parents. They are fond of everything that comes to their mind, they can torment themselves to exhaustion, which leads to increased pressure, insomnia, creates a susceptibility to heart attacks, as well as hepatitis.

Aries is an impatient patient. His attitude to the disease: do not go to bed, move, do not give up, do not refrain from sex.

Women either feel great, or on the verge of physical exhaustion. During puberty, girls sometimes lose their sight.

Men takes 2nd place after men of the sign of Virgo in the number of impotent people.

Aries body needs constant training to avoid premature aging, which is more typical for this sign than for others.

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