Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin is an American singer and songwriter, born in Tennessee on March 25, 1942. Since she was little, this Aries native accompanied her priest father in the sermons he preached in the Church, where she began to train as a singer and pianist.

At the beginning of the ‘60s, Franklin decided to go to New York in search of record companies. Given his imposing and remarkable voice, it did not take him too long to receive different offers, finally choosing the Columbia Records record label. With this he recorded 10 albums but failed to obtain the expected results.

Ambitious, enterprising and demanding, as indicated by the influence of her Aries sign, Aretha was not satisfied with the work of this record company and decided to opt for Atlantic Records. A very successful choice since she achieved her first great successes. With the album I’ve never loved a man, the singer reached the peak of fame, becoming popular under the nickname “The Queen of Soul.”

Pioneer, dreamer and tenacious, Aretha Franklin brings together styles such as jazz, gospel and soul in a single artist, creating a very own and particular style. And as a good Aries native, being original and working hard to occupy a transcendent place in her profession is a challenge that fuels her intense energy. The singer has received countless Grammy awards and international recognition. In fact, her style serves as a reference for many artists today.

Regarding her emotional life, Franklin is a mother of four children and has been divorced twice. In love, these natives are passionate about their partner and very protective of their children. For a person born under the influence of Aries, family occupies a very important place in her life, as does her professional life.

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