Are Taurus and Sagittarius Compatible?


First, these two signs seem to have nothing in common. One loves commitment, stability, things “well done”. And to the other it seems that at first what flees the most precisely, is all that. These two signs of the Zodiac are quite different, therefore, the compatibility is not very high that we say. The Bull is practical, real, and the Archer is totally idealistic and with a great imagination. This is the compatibility of Taurus and Sagittarius.

Taurus is quite irritated by Sagittarius’quick and hurried behavior, not to mention his sudden acts or his scandalous way of being when he wants to. Sagi is a fire sign and although of the three fire signs it is the least impetuous, or impatient, or even impulsive, the fire is there. And from time to time it appears.

Sagittarius loves adventure, partying, going out and not worrying about everything.

When he wants space he takes it without asking anyone, after all, it is his life. And Taurus becomes stressed, overwhelmed by not being able to control the indomitable and the “savage” of the Zodiac. This can trigger quite a few conflicts between them.

Taurus loves to know and control the terrain he treads while Sagittarius enjoys knowing and throwing himself into the void towards new sensations. He loves risk and Taurus loves stability. But it is true that you do not have to pigeonhole them in the same direction because despite taurus is a person who is open to learning anything as long as it does not cause stress or change his life too much (the life that he / she likes). And Sagi, also needs moments of relaxation, inactivity, stability in her life and receiving a lot of love.

On the other hand in the Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility,Taurus has a hard time getting out of its routine and its established margins.

And Sagittarius, it must be said, can become a crazy goat that has no end. The Archer knows how to take the Bull better than the Bull to the Archer, perhaps because the apparent concern in the world of Sagittarius is almost nil.

Both can adjust to each other’s demands, both have enough capacity to appreciate what the other is capable of giving you. In other aspects they are understood wonderfully, such as under sheets. There comes the animal of the Bull and the Centaur.

The relationship will work when they really put those experiences that enrich everything first. Those illusions… If they put disagreements, insincerity or the fact of being psychically exhausted, all will be lost.

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