Are Taurus and Libra Compatible?


Taurus and Libra are certainly united by their planet: Venus. The planet of the beautiful, the pleasant, the comfortable, the sensual… But despite these two signs being so romantic because of that planetary influence, Taurus can get too stressed with Libra around, it’s like that. They can hold on for a while, for a while, as friends much longer. But the reality is that being too long together only provokes constant arguments. At the beginning of the relationship everything goes perfectly, they are attracted too much by their tremendous affinity in tastes and by everything they have in common, but their characters will not take long to collide. This is Taurus and Libra compatibility.

Libra spends his life-changing his mind and Taurus has his blood boiling when one day they tell him one thing and the next day another.

On the one hand, the Bull demands a little consistency, on the other, the Balance demands a little change and versatility. Libra will always know how to see both sides of the coin, however, for the Bull, the coin only has one side. We already know that he is quite extreme in what he thinks.

On the other hand, Libra is too eccentric and outgoing, he is sensual of the Zodiac, perhaps sometimes he even gives the impression of conceited and vain (although it is true that most of the time neither she/he himself realizes anything). That causes Taurus to boil his blood, becomes jealous and possessive of Libra and they start fighting.

Libra loves to discuss everything, and even more so to carry the opposite in any aspect.

Perhaps this is because Libra does not take life so seriously and when it “stings” someone does so even for the sake of taking the iron out of the matter. To make you laugh a little bit. But for Taurus, that’s not a game. Because in addition to it being itchy, but well, it gets into the discussion as if there were no tomorrow. If one says yes, the other will say no, it is so. And the disputes will last for centuries.

Libra knows how to “manipulate” and bring Taurus to his ground, and that sometimes calms his anger. At the same time, Taurus gives Libra the stability it has never had, and also that attracts it a lot. The compatibility of these two signs is somewhat unpredictable. You can start very strong and end fatally. You can start fatal and end up adapting to each other wonderfully.

The best thing between Taurus and Libra compatibility is the details, the romanticism… The worst, without a doubt, the lack of communication, the loss of interest in the motivations of the other…

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