Are Taurus and Leo Compatible?


Broadly speaking, Taurus and Leo may have in common some values, the least apparently, such as loyalty, or romanticism, or even jealousy and possession. They both love the good life. Eat and sleep well, go to places that no one goes, luxury, and life in comfort. What’s more, many of the fights they may have in the end with some such plan. But, even though they both know how to please the other and understand their needs, they have moments when they can’t stand each other.

This is the Taurus and Leo compatibility

Leo loves to be admired, to be told that he is the best, to feel loved and that there are demonstrations constantly. And yes, it can be super theatrical and dramatic with everything. And Taurus can’t stand the drama of the lion and Leo can’t stand the earthly calm of Taurus. Leo wants to be at almost all times a constant center of attention and often the Bull is quite overwhelmed with this attitude.

When they attract it is because they really see things from different points of view. Leo is imaginative, intuitive, expressive, and outgoing and Taurus doesn’t like to attract attention so much. But, one likes and is amused by the other’s worldview. Leo can give Taurus extra motivation in a myriad of things and Taurus can “stop” your feet a little when you get out of control.

The problem is that many times neither of you tolerates the idea of having to make changes in your life and that’s when the problems really come. They are proud, authoritarian, possessive, and rigid in their opinions. But at the same time, they can learn to laugh at themselves and put aside problems, at least for a few moments.

Leo will wish to have command of all things, and the Bull will never stand anyone telling him where to go or what to do. It is very complicated that either of the two ends up giving their arm to twist.

Taurus and Leo compatibility is a difficult combination and will only be achieved if both assume their differences and give in for each other, taking competition and struggle away from their lives. The best among these signs are undoubtedly those moments of love and luxury that they have, passion, travel, and giving themselves to the good life without limits (sometimes Taurus looks a little more at Leo’s wasted money). The worst thing is the mutual desire for prominence, pride, and stubbornness.

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