Are Taurus and Gemini Compatible?


Thus, at first, there are great differences between Taurus and Gemini, starting with the motivations of each one. Taurus is calmer than Gemini and deep down, he is very clear about what he wants and what he does not want in his life. However, Gemini is unstable and inconstant so it will make the other very nervous. The sign of Air knows how to provoke, be ironic and sarcastic, uses these resources every day and Taurus hates to be hesitated or dizzy. He prefers a quieter relationship and above all he will miss stability. The Bull can become very jealous and possessive and Gemini too “liberal” at times and, unintentionally, can awaken the beast that is inside Taurus.

This is the compatibility of Taurus and Gemini

When Taurus and Gemini meet, it is usual that Gemini does not stop talking and tells him half of his life. What he likes, what he doesn’t, what happened to him that time with that relationship, what happens to him now, what he is starting to feel, what he expects… And Taurus may think of two very opposite things: it bores him or he loves it.

Taurus can have all the patience in the world to conquer Gemini,is able to get practically what Gemini wants and this will make the sign of the Twins stay totally captivated. Deep down and behind that façade of nonconformity, Gemini wants a little stability, but not too much, enough to feel safe. And Taurus knows about that.

On the other hand, Taurus can feel a bit overwhelmed by the variety and changes that Gemini is always looking for. And Gemini will have to calm down and actively try to understand what are the goals and objectives that Taurus has in his mind.

Being polar opposites they can attract each other in many other things, they will share new experiences with each other and, if they have patience (they will have to work with each other) they will know how to understand each other, although perhaps more as friends than as a couple. Ah! And you have to give in. A little.

The best between these two signs will be the guaranteed laughs that are thrown, the social life, the numerous mutual friends they have… The worst will be the stress in coexistence, the opposition of ideas and goals ..

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