Are Taurus and Capricorn Compatible?


The compatibility of Taurus and Capricorn in general terms is quite good. Both are earth signs and share many things in common. Taurus is attracted to capricorn’s ambition and firmness. You can get to admire it, and this in the end, is almost one of the bases for any relationship to work. And Capricorn is attracted by the support that the Bull gives him in almost all his decisions. They are the perfect mix to get what they want in life. Both are stubborn and set goals that for others are unattainable, but they are sure to achieve them, to reach them with tenacity and perseverance. And when a couple joins forces, it can go a long way.

Sometimes, it can be difficult for these two signs to realize that they can be made for each other because they don’t believe too much in crushes. But once they are in love and decide to move on, love becomes the most important thing to them.

Discussions between Taurus and Capricorn can be intense and long-lasting.

Both are proud signs and sometimes, somewhat difficult to carry, but love is also strong, and almost everything can be forgiven. ALMOST EVERYTHING.

The relationship can be permanently broken by jealousy or betrayal. Not before going through moments of maximum toxicity, grudges, hurtful words and insults, and disrespect. In Taurus and Capricorn compatibility, betrayal is the worst thing in the world and if either of you ever falls into it you can expect the worst from each other. And besides, they will have to be clear that there will be no reconciliation. Forgetting is a very difficult exercise for both of you.

Both Taurus and Capri see life in a practical sense, when they are together the two feel protected, they know that nothing will happen to either while the other is by their side. It’s a mutual feeling.

In short, the union of these two signs is good as long as pride and pride are put aside at the moment there is a fight. This union is very resistant as long as it is worth resisting and there are no major failures. Disappointment and disappointment is the worst thing that can happen to both of them.

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