Are Taurus and Cancer Compatible?


Although many couples have ended fatally, the combination of Taurus and Cancer is one of the most compatible of the Zodiac. Both signs love to be shown affection and feel comfortable enjoying the little things in life. Both signs are affectionate, loyal, love to protect and feel protected by someone and have a sensitivity that many would already like.

This is the Taurus and Cancer compatibility

Cancer will feel protected with Taurus nearby and Taurus will feel very loved with Cancer who will show affection and love. It is a good union as long as the lunatic moods and emotional swings of the Crab do not appear. That will greatly destabilize Taurus, who will not know well what to do to calm Cancer. The Bull is also not spared from these ups and downs but they are less common than those of the Crab. Perhaps, rather, the flaws of Taurus would be stubbornness, the fact that things are done as “I want to, period.”

Cancer is sensitive, and sometimes fragile even but when you are sent or ordered something, save yourself who can. A Crab is a person with a genius from here to China. And even if he is trembling inside, he will never fully submit to anyone. It may be that on many occasions even she/he pampers / or is seen as the weak of the relationship (a matter of security) but it will never be blackmailed. That’s for sure. Rebel blood runs through the veins of Cancer. And the need for Taurus control can often cause a strong outburst.

Another of the super important points in the compatibility between Taurus and Cancer and which can trigger some serious problems are jealousy.

Both signs are jealous, and between them, much more so. Cancer is afraid of losing Taurus and his protection and at the same time, Taurus is quite possessive with Cancer. From there, more than one fight can arise if they are not controlled.

In short, both signs seek support and security, and the two signs are able to give the other what they need. One seeks material security and the other, emotional security. They are very compatible signs and that is why they get along so well when they put problems aside.

The best thing between these two signs would undoubtedly be mutual support, understanding, tenderness… The worst perhaps the domestic routine, jealousy, possession ... You have to be careful and never go over forbidden lines. If not, nothing will be the same again.

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