Are Pisces and Taurus Compatible?


Taurus can be a great help for Pisces so that in the end, he gets the life experiences more quickly. Taurus is an earth sign and it is evident that he does not like to make mistakes more than twice and that he always tries to tread on insurance. The problem is that the little fish is the opposite, it does not need to step on insurance, it is not so earthly. If he feels it, he does it and does not stop to think about whether it is right or wrong. In the life of Pisces, making mistakes is something natural, something that is fixed, something that must be learned. However, for Taurus, a mistake is something serious, it is a disappointment, it can even become a failure. Of course, it is something you will learn from but you will always take it much more seriously than the fish. This is the Pisces and Taurus compatibility:

Taurus sometimes believes that Pisces lives in a cloud, and of course, he is right. But you also have to understand that it is your way of getting into your world, your way of protecting yourself from the things that hurt you.

Taurus doesn’t understand why he doesn’t face things when they come. Pisces needs their time to do it. Their time, their space, and their moment, and must be respected. Pisces in turn may believe that Taurus is dangerous, that he tramples on anything to achieve his goal, that he takes life too seriously. He has everything so clear that it even scares. He knows where he walks with security that can make him nervous and reassuring at the same time. They may not have the same goals, they may not have the same vision of life. But at the same time, they can be complemented very well if they propose it, but they must leave the differences aside and not focus on who is right or who is not. They actually fight for the same thing only they have different paths to achieve it.

Taurus has a special affinity with water signs, as with Scorpio or Cancer, and Pisces, it was not going to be less. That’s why Pisces and Taurus compatibility can work… If you know how…

Pisces is sensitive and emotional, and Taurus, deep down too, so both are able to understand each other perfectly in many aspects of their lives. There is also something that can stress the bull and that is the lack of security and indecision of Pisces. The latter must be lifted, lifted, supported, and tried not to sink. Because he is very fragile psychologically and Taurus knows how to do it. He knows how to draw the strength inside. But he can also lose papers with the fish, even if it’s not very often because he tries to control himself.

If Taurus discovers infidelity, a lot of indecisions, or the lack of practical sense on the part of the fish, he may leave and not come back anymore. And, if Pisces discovers the little romanticism of Taurus, the excessive realism or its innate extremism, perhaps he begins to think that he is not the right one and can go out to look for things outside that he does not have at “home”.

The bull will only ask for fidelity to the fish, and if the fish is able to give it to him and there really is a commitment on his part, Taurus will follow him to the end. And Pisces will ask Taurus to be a little more dreamy, to leave his radical realism and try to be freer like him.

Although Taurus wants the fish to see the “reality” of life, deep down, it is also grateful that it has that dreamy spirit because it is sometimes, the complement that it lacks to be happy ... And although Pisces never wants to stop dreaming, he also needs from time to time that brake that makes him go down to earth sometime. Especially so that the fall afterward, is not so hard… Maybe sometimes they get along much better as friends than as a couple, everything will depend on the balance that the two agree. In this couple there can be no winners, they must be simply complementary, from each other…

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