Are Pisces and Libra Compatible?


Neither Libra nor Pisces knows why the other thinks and acts as he does. The motivations, attitude, way of being or character of Libra, baffle the fish. And Pisces, in turn, is an enigma for Libra, a great enigma. By the nature of each, it would be very very difficult for these two signs to be known at first sight, as well, without further a fact. They wouldn’t even get to a “hello” if it weren’t for the bond of that encounter is a job, sharing class, a presentation made by someone they had in common, or an unsought-after situation. Like they are neighbors or live nearby and see each other often. This is the Pisces and Libra compatibility:

It is very strange that at first, they decide to have something very strong. Everything flows little by little until in the end, they fall in love. But there are no overwhelming passions or premature stress. They live everything with a certain tranquility. Once fate causes them to come together strongly, they will feel an instant attraction to discover each other’s differences. They want to investigate each other, they want to know what each one hides…

Within the compatibility of Pisces and Libra, Pisces will feel that it does not cost him to do anything for Libra.

He is helpful and finds in Libra a person who does not take advantage of it in a blatant way. Pisces may be that hand that Libra needs to grasp, that shoulder if he needs to cry. And the most important thing is that he will do it because he wants to do it. You may know that at some point Libra went out of his head and asks for more than the bill without giving the same but, at the end of the day, he is able to control it. Not everything could be perfect.

On the other hand, Libra, in his own way, tries that closeness with the fish that he sometimes sees as someone distant. He tries to catch him because he knows it’s not fair for him to come and go. He knows that it is not fair for him to give him one of lime and one of sand. But the fish doesn’t do it intentionally, it just needs some moments of solitude, of getting in the way of its world.

Pisces not premeditated, will not do something to deliberately hurt Libra, it is simply so. A bit chaotic? Yes, but in spite of everything, although Libra may feel angry at times, he will always try to respect him. Even if it costs him, because for Libra if it is logical, and in the end, he will accept any behavior that he believes is fair. With explanations, you will always understand, it is simple.

Despite being many times the night and the day or that they do not understand sometimes anything of the behavior of the other and their way of acting, the union between Libra and Pisces can have great compatibility. Libra will bring the stability of his signature to this couple while Pisces will contribute with his mysticism and spirituality.

Problems can come if both do not have common tastes or interests since, perhaps, the hobby of one of the members the other can be interpreted as an eccentricity. They also have to take care of the small arguments that erode the relationship and in the long run, can destroy it. Pisces may be too “soft” in some respects for Libra. And Libra in turn can raise the jealousy of the fish a lot. The two are sensitive, and with good communication, they could save 90% of the fights. A good dialogue between the two is usually necessary. Always 50/50. Libra will not tolerate giving more than the fish.

Most of the problems between these two signs come from small things, from things that should be cut at the beginning and that would remain there, without more. But when they grow and grow they become unsustainable. They can wait for the drop to reach the glass. In fact, many relationships between these two signs hold up to the limit, and that’s a big problem… Pisces and Libra compatibility could be much better with more fluid communication.

Between the two signs, you can always reach an agreement, there can always be an agreement, you can always have avoided many discussions ... Of course, once they have engaged in one and above all that they have begun to throw things in the face of things that happened, it will be very complicated and they will need both, a time to heal wounds.

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