Are Pisces and Capricorn Compatible?


Pisces very often feel comfortable and safe with the presence of Capricorn, even protected. As if nothing bad next to him could happen. And on the other hand, Capricorn feels like a soap bubble, liberated, free… It is rare to imagine a little fish that is too stable, one hundred percent safe, or too quiet. And it is also rare to imagine a goat charged with emotions, dreamy and mentally relaxed. Yes, between these two signs, the fusion of everything is good. One is able to get to take the best of the other, to absorb it as if it were a sponge. And the best thing is that after doing so, they feel formidably good. This is the compatibility Pisces and Capricorn:

Even though Pisces can be very chaotic on many occasions, Capricorn feels strangely very safe when he is by their side.

You feel safer with the Fish than with most sun signs. Pisces, in turn, feel much more protected near Capricorn than in the company of most signs. And besides, find more courage to overcome certain introverted behaviors… It gives the feeling that with the goat, the fish opens up completely, it shows itself as it is, and that is something that frees it a lot. Capricorn and Pisces were made, in many ways, for each other.

It’s normal for them to have fights. And when this happens, they will be able to spit out millions of unpleasant words through their mouths, but it will be something momentary, something fleeting, something that will remain there and will not go any further. As long as you are together, you will have many more moments when you are happy and in harmony than angry and tense.

The couple of Capricorn and Pisces can become very good and, above all, durable. Although at first it seems complicated. With a little patience (which both sometimes need) they will discover that there are more things that unite them than those that separate them. The Goat probably has more doubts when it comes to stabilizing than the little fish. He will find in Capricorn someone with clear ideas and who knows what he wants, but he will end up giving in. And not because he feels obligated but because he feels that is what he wants to do.

Pisces is a sign that needs the protection and stability that Capricorn brings. At the same time, Pisces can create a fantasy world for the methodical Capricorn to escape from reality. In addition, Pisces is romantic and affectionate, something that Capricorn loves (although he does not recognize it) and will be loved.

In pairs of Pisces and Capricorn there may be problems with communication, but they will always be mild problems.

Problems that will end up being solved with a few laughs, a while together, a movie or a vacation. The realistic Capricorn can clash with the fanciful Pisces. The two should talk to each other truthfully if they want the relationship to last. It is a very important thing. Full sincerity from the beginning.

Capricorn is more morally upright, gives a lot of value to tradition and authority, is practical, believes in the tangible, in the physical, in science and is usually somewhat skeptical. Pisces is more flexible, understandable, more abstract and spiritual, it does not need physical or scientific checks to believe in something. He has a lot of faith in his instincts that rarely fail him. Capricorn is on earth and Pisces in heaven, but the combination can turn out to be so wonderful… Capricorn may have a hard time understanding that spiritual and abstract world of Pisces… But the good thing about this relationship is that for Pisces this does not pose any problem in coexistence, because, he knows that in the end, the intelligent Capricorn will be able to feel it.

On the other hand, Pisces is very romantic and sensitive. Feeling love gives it life. Capricorn is more “dry”, expresses less of his feelings, may appear calculating (which he is). And the romantic sees it as a cursilada. Both will learn from each other. Capricorn will bring out his hidden romantic side. And Pisces will begin to see that not always, nor with all people you have to give everything. The relationship between these two signs, no. however it ends, will always be worth it as a life experience. Much.

Within the compatibility of Pisces and Capricorn,order is important for Capricorn, it gives you peace of mind. Pisces is more disorganized and forgetful. This can destabilize the goat a little but if that day he woke up in good times, it may make him even funny.

After all, since Pisces and Capricorn think the same about most of the big issues, differences of opinion are less frequent than in other couples. And when there is something in which they collide, they will always try carefully and respecting opinions, to defend their position. It is beautiful, because many times it will be the goat that feels that perhaps the fish is right. And other times it will be the fish who changes its opinion.

In Compatibility Pisces and Capricorn, there is a solution for each problem. With these two, anything can be done. The few arguments that there are at the end, are usually won by the fish, because it does not launch offensive attacks, because Pisces is understanding and in turn tries to make Capricorn be too. And suddenly the goat feels that his head, sometimes inflexible, begins to understand that not everything is black or white. That is the power that Pisces exerts over Capricorn, and it is a healthy and sensible power.

In short, it is a very peculiar couple, without a doubt. And both could contribute everything throughout their lives.

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