Are Pisces and Aquarius Compatible?


The fish and the waterman do not complement each other all badly. In fact, they can do it very beneficially in many aspects, especially when they are well. Both are curious, they want to learn from everything around them, without anything escaping them. They look at things that few people would look at, they are in their world. And they only go down from nine when strictly necessary. They are dreamers and they do well like that. When such a couple, be it friends, boyfriends, or lovers, comes in, they can find the solution to any kind of problem. This is the Compatibility Pisces and Aquarius.

Aquarius should know that he has something to learn from Pisces, but he is also characterized by knowing almost everything. If you had a little more patience, you would benefit much more than you do.

On more than one occasion the fish will have to bite its tongue when the eccentric and bohemian behavior of Aquarius comes to light. Normally he will always be understanding but there will be other times that he gets on his nerves. Aquarius knows that he has the gift of irritating (he often does it when he wants to disturb) without even raising his voice.

Pisces will put a great effort into pleasing him, and not because he is Aquarius, but because it goes in his nature. Pleasing others without asking for anything in return is something you practice on a daily basis, although many do not deserve it. However, Aquarius is quite the opposite. It will try to please you, but it will not take home the bad taste in its mouth if it did not succeed, it is much more step for that. Things affect him, but he fights against them, however for the fish, it is much more complicated.

When they are together they love to debate. They love to decipher the mysteries of life in general or of people in particular. They can spend hours talking, discovering each other, discovering what surrounds them both.

Everything could not be rosy, also, usually, they have very different ways of dealing with situations. Aquarius is calmer (when he wants) than the fish and tries to think things more than twice. While Pisces is extremely variable and mind-changing. This only assures one thing: safe anger. When Pisces becomes angry, he will throw words that will leave a stone. And if not, he will pronounce phrases of those that freeze you, even if it is without shouting. Pisces shoots, and Aquarius does not. Think more about things cold, it calms the nerve, even if inside it climbs the walls ...

Aquarius, on the other hand, is very creative and fanciful. It has an enviable attitude and stands out for its originality.

He is prudent, generous, realistic, objective, and tries to plan things very well before doing them. He is conservative and cold, he has a hard time committing intensely and showing what he feels. Something that Pisces will have a hard time understanding at first. For its part, Pisces needs their space and time of solitude, to think and reflect, but only for a little while. He is sentimental, very affectionate, and has a flexible character. He is susceptible, romantic, sentimental, kind, idealistic, and understanding. It is delivered at all.

Sometimes Pisces will wonder why Aquarius is so his, so reserved, he will even think that he does not get to trust him. On the other hand, Aquarius will despair when the little fish wakes up one day with one humor and after a while is with another. Aquarius needs someone to give him security and the same thing happens to Pisces. And between them, things get more complicated than they should. Sometimes, even if it may not seem like it, they look for exactly the same thing in each other, without looking inward.

Both signs have a pleasant character, they try to think that everything can be solved by talking. They detest violence or any kind of aggression. But their differences obviously don’t come from this site. The differences lie in the essence of each one.

Aquarius is an air sign, free, who hates to be controlled or having to give explanations of what he does or does not do. Meanwhile, Pisces, a water sign, may consider that so much freedom on the part of Aquarius is simply heartbreak. It needs stability and yes, perhaps they are more aware than normal. Pisces people lean too much on others. And that “dependence” can be the trigger for Aquarius to get tired.

Best of all, Pisces is a water sign, and therefore, it is more versatile to adapt to what you want and much more to take the couple forward. And that’s why, perhaps, the problems will not become greater.

Once this couple gets to know each other and manages to overcome all those barriers, it is assured that their relationship will only be stronger every day.

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