Are Aries and Taurus Compatible?


Aries and Taurus can be a combination that, although it may seem complicated at first, has much more in common than you think. Okay, both are signs a bit selfish, they try to seek their well-being above all else, to be at ease and within a good quality of life. Aries is impatient, a lot, and the bull that attitude brings him down the path of bitterness, everything must be said. The fact that Aries on many occasions behaves like a spoiled boy or girl (with the attitude of I want him now and I want him now) is very frustrating for Taurus, who always tries to take things more calmly, analyzing the pros and cons. against each situation before making a decision.

Taurus has a greater capacity to listen, speak, communicate, it is capable of trying to put itself in the place of the other person to understand him while it costs Aries a little more, and especially if what you talk about is more boring than playing Solitaire all night. Okay, okay, it’s just an inability to concentrate on topics that don’t interest you ...

Well, the character of these two people together is difficult to cope with, things clear, but at the same time, the first attraction can be incredible.

Mars is the planet that governs Aries, war, and Venus is the one that governs Taurus, love, therefore, there is passion between them, physical passion but perhaps sometimes more momentary than anything else. Therefore, very long-lasting relationships between these two signs can occur, but with a lot of patience and, above all, understanding by both parties.

Aries can be very abrupt when it comes to expressing himself, he cannot stay with the desire to say how he feels, he cannot keep everything to himself, impossible, he shoots the words as if there was no tomorrow. And well, Taurus, despite being able to seem calm and sensitive, becomes a hurricane without measure with the answers that the ram can give him, so war is assured.

With Aries you have to adapt, it is an inflexible sign at the moment, then it reconsiders and may regret the ways in which it expresses itself, but hey, not in the content. 

It is very likely that the “patience” of the bull can bear it the first few times, but the moment when it loses its papers come, and when that happens, there is no brake.

The following happens to Taurus and it is that even hating him, he loses self-confidence with Aries and can become possessive and jealous, more than necessary at times. Taurus will always want Aries to give him security and the ram gives it, but in his own way, for the bull sometimes, it is not enough.

Although it is somewhat rare, an earth sign that pushes a fire sign, the reality is that it is like that, Taurus is going to pull the car of the relationship between the two of them, yes, and it will only need Aries trust and stability.

The durability of this relationship is quite questionable, the difficult thing is not the first phase where we all find each other wonderful, the difficult thing between Aries and Taurus is for the relationship to settle down, Aries “scares” very easily and Taurus needs security to settle down. Without a doubt, the relationship is complicated, until the two find the balance with patience, but in 90% of the cases everything will remain in an ” I had a good time while it lasted, may it be nice to you “.

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