Are Aries and Scorpio Compatible?


Two strong signs united, and two somewhat complicated signs ... Aries is a sign of the fire that is carried away by its impulses, it will not stop if what it does or says is wrong or good, at the moment, it will not stop. puppet with a head but perhaps later he will regret it and want to take a step back, he will forget the confrontation and something else butterfly. But let’s not forget that if your partner is Scorpio things will not stay as they are, Scorpio is the most spiteful and vengeful sign in the entire Zodiac and his fame precedes him. Scorpio never forgets and if you do it, there will be no choice but to pay for it. It is his Law, and very few have escaped it. It will save all the words that the ram has said to it, the shapes, the details, the looks, everything, it has it in its head as if it had just been recorded even though years have passed.

Aries, despite the fact that he talks too much and says everything he thinks, has a part of the mystery and that is, he hides some things, if at some point he feels attacked, attack twice with something much worse, much greater than it will leave you dusty.

Aries is loud and violent and Scorpio is silent and menacing.

They usually have the same objective but different ways of carrying it out. Aries tends to “obey” Scorpio but it does so because it knows that he is right, when it is clear, deep down they think the same about almost everything and if not, Scorpio will end up convincing him ... Sometimes ... It can never be forcing him to do anything, that’s clear…

Scorpio in turn is a highly intuitive sign, so you will quickly notice that Aries does not tell you everything, in addition, Scorpio will feel that there is something that does not fit, something that does not fit ... By not knowing the details, you will not know the real importance of this and Scorpio is one of those who begin to think badly, very badly ... Distrust is something that both signs will have almost from the first moment that one plays it to the other or feels something strange. It is like they do not trust, they are too intelligent to let themselves go completely.

Despite the not-so-good things they may have, an Aries and Scorpio combination offers a very passionate and intense relationship with ups and downs and full of fireworks.

It is not impossible for their paths to cross, in fact, it is much more common than we think, the question is how long will they hold out, the attraction is there, the problem is endurance ...

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