Aquarius Temperament And Characteristics - 2023

Aquarius Temperament And Characteristics - 2023

There are weak and strong Aquarius. In general, this is a combination of an angel and a devil. They hate theatricality, do not want to produce an effect, do not want impressiveness, but do not mind shocking. They want to do pleasant things, but mostly to themselves. Aliens of conventions in relation to themselves, but old-fashioned in family affairs. They do not want to be like anyone, but they want everyone to love them, they want to be free from the burden of the material world, but they strive for power, position, prestige.

Curious, they are attracted to everything new until they get bored, until they comprehend the whole truth. They rarely rush into anything. They are contemplators of life, but they can also be generous in soul. In Aquarius, there may be something subtle, gentle, smooth. They fluctuate between instinct and reason. They can be almost alien to their own emotions.

Many are religious, mystical, understand nature, vegetarians are full of good intentions for everyone, they do not know hatred. Their courtesy is simplicity, some are gullible, sometimes with an ingot. Unobtrusive, a little naive, they lack a feeling of remorse, guilt, others, on the contrary, restrain their sensitivity, do not open their feelings, secluded themselves on each slip, focus their intuition on the future, achieve their highest goals. They want to be not only equal, but also higher, they oppose, if they are told what to do or restrain, they can become jealous, unfriendly, insensitive, imprudent, putting forward the slogan: “do as I say, not as I do.”

The taste for clothes is diverse, contradictory. Women prefer originality over everything. Some can create a seductive effect in the absence of jewelry and jewelry through a delicate selection of colors. Some bring originality to extravagance and eccentricity, they are looking for something rare, unique, up to a shocking and even scandalous, there are also trendy ones.

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