Aquarius Professions and Business Guide - 2023

Aquarius Professions and Business Guide - 2023

There is no early passion for career or ambition. They bring a human touch to everything they do. A profession can occupy a significant place in life. They can be highly conscious, disciplined, responsible. They keep their word, do what is required of them.

They have a great sense of collectivism, are good at community service. They are unenvious and indiscreet, they are always ready to accept the point of view of another, a good disposition and excellent relationships with higher ones. Often they are given an unexpected boost. They know how to give orders, how to explain what should be done, no one can better introduce them to the beginner in the course of work.

They find a way in which they can realize their own ideas, although quantity sometimes suffers from quality.

The best field of application is the field of art, everything related to cinema, radio, television, pedagogy, education, invention, work as a stewardess, spiritual mentoring, sociology, psychology, social work, law, aeronautics, engineering.

They are rarely interested in money. Some people neglect money because of stupidity. Most of the famous Aquarius died in deep poverty. Making money is not one of the goals, they rarely want luxury, they prefer simplicity, even moderation, which keeps them from “obesity” - physical, mental and moral.

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These are the worst owners, they hate checking accounts. They will be better off spending than accumulating.

But there are others, led by Uranus of Aquarius, leading a persistent strange life, sometimes martyrdom, which may seem romantic, full of disturbances and amazing events, unexpected upheavals, amazing luck and bad luck. They can be happier when they are poor than when they are rich.

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