Aquarius Health Problems and Precautions - 2023

Aquarius Health Problems and Precautions - 2023

Aquarius does not have a specific appearance, the following characteristic cannot be attributed to it absolutely. The face is an elongated triangle, pointed downward, a prominent forehead, large quick eyes, often beautiful, with a lively expression, transparent skin easily prone to rashes, acne. Subtle facial features. Ideally, the face of an angel with a moving young expression, a soft voice, clear speech, a slender, fragile, graceful body, a frank, persistent shake of the hand. The general impression of lightness and grace, thoughtful grace of youth.

Aquarius is a difficult patient, he quickly gets bored with treatment, and after a day or two they refuse to take medicines. They expect amazing successes and are inclined to radical means, constant transitions from fasting to overeating, from rest to violent activity. Their illnesses are unexpected and cruel, often exacerbated by insomnia.

Weaknesses - calves, ankles, easily breaking and stretching. Blood exchange may be impaired. They often get sick in the heat, high acidity, sclerosis, digestive tract problems, serious infections.

Precautions - vitamins, fresh air, not too sedentary lifestyle. Frequent blood tests make them do what is good for them. Useful games in the air, walks out of town with friends for a change of scenery.

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