Aquarius Compatibility - Which Sign Is the Best Match For You?

Aquarius Compatibility - Which Sign Is the Best Match For You?

Among the zodiac signs suitable for Aquarius is Libra. It will be a magnificent union that appears to be perfect.

Best and Worst Couple for an Unearthly Zodiac Sign

Compatibility horoscope: In this blog article you will get to know which zodiac sign suits the Aquarius man according to the science of horoscope. Here you will find the most comprehensive description - only proven theories based on astrological observations of several millennia.

If you are an Aquarius man, during your youth, you will most likely find your ideal match in these zodiac signs - Gemini and Libra! The only thing is that Gemini should not demonstrate their boundless love. This is because it is necessary that you constantly feel a slight anxiety for keeping the attraction alive. On the other hand, Libra will conquer you from the first minute if you admire your unearthly beauty - you need this delight like the breath of air. In the second half of life, there is a chance to build an ideal marriage with representatives of the signs of Sagittarius or Aries. The first one will awaken in you a kind of African passion and it will prolong your youth! The second will give you the feeling of absolute security from all adversity and will give you a feeling of complete security.

Best Match for Aquarius

Sagittarius: This pair will be called ideal by many. They inspire each other, and the absence of jealousy helps to keep each other’s nerve cells healthy and maintain a good mood. These are two windy people who cannot live without each other and are even ready to recognize the right to be in a long-term relationship. They respect each other’s independence, and this is the secret of success in this relationship. The compatibility horoscope of Aquarius Sagittarius speaks about this.

Libra: A delightful romance awaits this couple, based on equality, which each one appreciates in the other extraordinarily. The harmony of Libra has a positive effect on the unpredictable Aquarius, and Libra’s passion for experimentation pleases Aquarius. When Libra and Aquarius meet, they turn on the program - “Get the best out of life,” which they successfully work on and accomplish. The relationship of this couple can reach the stage of marriage, which can become successful if at least one of them takes on a little more responsibility. The compatibility horoscope of Aquarius Libra informs about this.

Gemini: These zodiac signs make an extremely fortunate couple. Gemini will inspire creative Aquarius, and Aquarius will admire Gemini’s witty irony. This couple can be absolutely happy in each other’s company, without ceasing to be surprised at the pleasantness of the other. Both of them will respect each other’s independence, which will eliminate jealousy and conflicts from this delightful romance. Their marriage is highly likely to be successful, such is the forecast given in the compatibility horoscope for Aquarius and Gemini.

Worst Couple for Aquarius

Virgo: As the horoscope of compatibility says, Aquarius and Virgo can become an interesting couple that complements each other and see in their companion something that they do not have and will never have. The optimism of Aquarius inspires Virgo, and her logic somewhat disciplines the windy Aquarius. However, the main stumbling block is the unjustified expectations of Virgo, who wants to see the responsibility of her other half, which Aquarius is rarely capable of. Conflicts too often spoil this unusual romance. The compatibility horoscope Aquarius Virgo warns about this and advises caution.

Pisces: According to the compatibility horoscope, Aquarius and Pisces attract each other’s attention at first sight. The mysterious Pisces thrills Aquarius, and he, in turn, intrigues Pisces. However, this couple cannot avoid problems in the relationship. Aquarius is not ready to pay as much attention to Pisces as they insist on from him, and when the nitpicking reaches a critical mass, he prefers to simply retreat. If Pisces does not agree to make concessions, the relationship is in danger of collapse, the horoscope of compatibility of Aquarius Pisces warns about this.

Scorpio: Aquarius fantasy inspires Scorpio, and Scorpio’s irrepressibility in turn entertains Aquarius. They will enjoy each other’s company until Scorpios become jealous of their overly fickle companion. Aquarius cannot stand routine, and Scorpio’s desire to make him their own makes Aquarius countdown to the end of this novel. If Scorpio does not want to recognize the love of freedom that Aquarians have, then the relationship will sooner or later end in complete collapse. The horoscope of compatibility between Aquarius and Scorpio cautions about this.

Strained relations

Aquarius: As the horoscope of compatibility confirms, Aquarius can find his ideal life partner only in the same frivolous hunter for new experiences like himself. Two Aquarians will delight in their exquisite wit, without worrying too much about the depth of their feelings. As the horoscope of compatibility says, the Aquarius man is more inclined to be jealous of his companion, although this will not spoil their relationship.

Leo: The beginning of romance for this couple promises to be enchanting, and the continuation - exciting. However, too many different interests prevent this bright couple from achieving the desired harmony. Leo wants to be a permanent leader and demands admiration from all and admiration especially from Aquarius, for which this independent sign is not ready. Aquarius is annoyed by Leo’s obsession with himself, and Leo does not understand Aquarius’s desire for endless experiments.

This brilliant relationship can quickly come to naught without compromise and mutual concessions. Such is the forecast given in the compatibility horoscope of Aquarius and Leo.

Aquarius Man with other Zodiac Signs

Zodiac signs suitable for Aquarius

Before starting a family, astrologers recommend matching your zodiac signs. In our case, we will analyze the zodiac signs suitable for Aquarius. Let’s take a look at all the options.

What signs of the zodiac suit Aquarius

The absence of prejudice allows Aquarius to get along with almost everyone. They are especially attracted to people with whom they have an intellectual partnership. The sign that is best suited to Aquarius is its sextile or trine, as well as its directly opposite sign - Leo.

The zodiac sign that suits Aquarius ideally is Aries. Such people will feel comfortable living side by side. It is possible to “tame” a sensual Aquarius dreamer only by showing tact and perseverance. If everything goes well, the people of these symbols form an interesting alliance with good compatibility.

Actually, if Taurus succeeds in awakening in Aquarius the enthusiasm for bed fun, a certain period will become excellent for them. Yet a long relationship between them is almost impossible. Their differences are also lacking in various areas. Aquarius needs, first, a friend; and Taurus needs a partner for sex.

These people, and their alliance comes out so interesting that it will amaze anyone. Both Gemini and Aquarius are adherents of adventure and sports lifestyle. It is unlikely that a permanent and moderate relationship will develop between them. Although, probably, for partners prone to unpredictability, just such a manner of communication will be good.

Aquarius, although values ​​care and attention, will, over time become irritable with it.

As soon as their romance breaks out, it will be interesting to both partners. But over time, the tandem will begin to fall apart due to the desire of each of the signs to dominate.

This union is possible, but it will be very difficult for Virgo. Although they love long intellectual conversations, Virgo, in comparison with Aquarius, is too passive and calm.

Among the zodiac signs suitable for Aquarius is Libra. It will be a magnificent union that seems to be perfect. These partners have many views in which they agree, including their thirst for adventure and new acquaintances.

If this union does arise, then, unfortunately, it will not be durable in the long run. This is due to the fact that Aquarius loves freedom too much, and Scorpio constantly wants to tie and be tied.

This couple has a future. If each of the signs makes an effort to keep it. They have a lot in common, they are active and irrepressible. This union can be a real boon for both signs.

The likelihood of a long-term union is low for these two signs. But if both signs learn to yield to each other, then a long and successful union is quite likely.

Two representatives of this sign will never get bored with each other. And their intimate life will be full and varied. Two Aquarians are a wonderful couple that can last for years.

To say for sure that the union will be long and lasting is difficult. But the beginning will be stormy and interesting.

So we found out which zodiac sign suits Aquarius best.

The love of Aquarius is of a humanistic nature, before his philanthropy any romance fades.

Relations with Aquarius are remembered first of all by intellectuality, confidential conversations, and then by passion.

Aquarius can not say that he is superior to everyone in love - he is so one hundred percent sure of the uniqueness, the uniqueness of his person, considering it the most valuable. But in sex, although they are inventive and feel a partner well, they often simply do not have enough stamina - and, moreover, not always as physical as they are emotional.

Aquarius usually chooses a partner from those who are indifferent to him.

The Aquarius is not interested in easy prey, but in order to win an unapproachable one or keep an elusive partner, Aquarius will show miracles of charm, demonstrate a variety of sexual talents and come up with a lot of interesting things - there will be enough strength for everything.

Aquarius is sensitive to beauty. They can even point out to the beloved their flaws in appearance. At the same time, he is inclined to accept the chosen one as is. After all, Aquarius is looking for intelligence, kindness, openness, and independence of thought in a partner.

Aquarius is sometimes tactless, but requires a particularly careful attitude towards himself. Aquarius actually does not give in to someone else’s influence. They impose their opinions gently. Sometimes he uses psychological manipulation without even noticing it.

Aquarius is capable of great love, but usually does not show it. He can languish with passion, outwardly maintaining such indifference that even the most discerning will not understand anything.

Aquarians are not jealous, and cannot stand someone else’s jealousy. They rarely cheat, but they often remember their first love, keep in touch with past lovers, sometimes fantasizing - how would a romance have developed with them.

Aquarius longs for the perfect romance all his life. But even when madly in love, he tries to save time for loneliness, knowledge of the world, a certain mystery of experiences. He would like to balance his two strongest desires - to have a loved one and to remain free.

The personal happiness of Aquarius is often hindered by the false impression of his dispassion and coldness. However, those who manage to understand Aquarius will not remain indifferent to him: Aquarius are extraordinary, bright personalities, capable of many things and not knowing obstacles.

What zodiac sign suits Aquarius

Aquarians have an all-encompassing love. This is the impact of Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus. However, Aquarians are not very capable of creating a strong family: they are too eccentric in character, they want incredibly much from life, they do not like monotony, and therefore duration in a relationship can be short.

Which zodiac sign suits Aquarius badly

Aquarius is Air element sign, and union with Earth (Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus) or Water (Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio) is futile: air with water or earth are inappropriate combinations.

Zodiac sign suitable for Aquarius so-so

A union with the same air sign (Aquarius or Gemini) would be nice due to reliability and friendly feelings, but Aquarians do not consider them dominant.

The zodiac sign Libra is also suitable for Aquarius, but with him they either have everything and everything is good, or everything is very bad.

What zodiac sign is most suitable for Aquarius

As you might guess, for the Air of Aquarius, the only element suitable in everything is Fire. So Sagittarius, but more preferably Leo or Aries are able to give Aquarius family happiness.

Aquarius lacks the energy of the Sun. As a result - excessive selfishness, complacency, posturing, and hindering career advancement can occur.

In alliance with Leo or Aries, Aquarius neutralizes these qualities. Leo and Aries make up for the lack of solar energy in Aquarius.

Aquarius zodiac sign compatibility - solving problems

Trapped in relationships

The most important thing in the life of Aquarius is freedom. They avoid everything that seems to be its limitation.

But the relationship to some extent requires a renunciation of independence. If you have to take into account the expectations, desires, interests of a partner, Aquarians can feel unhappy and depressed, although they admit that they cannot do without concessions.

It’s a critical situation if the imagination paints the bond as a trap, an unpleasant system of restrictions. It is these fantasies that should be avoided. It is necessary to concentrate on the positive emotions that communication with the chosen one brings.

For personal comfort, it is advisable to leave a bit of “personal space.” The partner, however, must necessarily explain the reasons for the boundaries, so that he does not perceive this as fencing off from him, coldness or hiding something that will destroy the union.

Being sincere and open with a person dear to your heart, with mutual feelings, you can experience accessibility to many - and gain both freedom and love.

Aquarians are great speakers, but rarely talk about their feelings. An insurmountable barrier appears in them.

Aquarians get used to the fact that others understand them easily, therefore they find themselves at a dead end when the beloved cannot immediately understand them. Aquarians are often not ready for a deeper discussion.

Wanting a harmonious relationship, Aquarius should learn to talk about the feelings they feel, otherwise express them or show them.

After all, it happened more than once that emotions were hidden by Aquarius under the guise of prudence, coldness, and then he was upset - no one understands the full depth of his experiences.

In order to be understood for a loved one, Aquarians need to stop, at least sometimes, being a “mystery.”

The other side of the problem is the ability of Aquarius to talk a lot. If the partner is impatient, he will not be able to select important information from a multitude of secondary ones. Aquarians need to simply, concisely explain the essence of their problem himself, without hiding it behind the beauty of words and the complexity of logical constructions.

Often, it is the simplest words that help mutual understanding, and Aquarius will be able to understand himself better.

Aquarians do not give the impression of tyrants, but they often want everything to be done according to their wishes.

Paradoxically, Aquarius will not be happy with those who obey their whims without question. Aquarians intuitively guess about this and choose strong partners who can resist them.

A struggle begins, bringing discomfort to both. The situation is heating up. Any little thing can explode with a bomb. At first it seems that after quarrels it is not difficult to reconcile, but gradually all this turns into an underwater iceberg that destroys relationships.

Aquarius, in order to avoid quarrels, need to be softer, externally and internally. You cannot punish a partner with your behavior (insults, silences, and ultimatums) for his point of view.

It is better to persuade him to engage in constructive dialogues, and it is easier for them to compromise. It’s absurd to blame only yourself. However, from a partner, in whom one sees not a toy, but a strong person, one cannot expect endless indulgence of one’s whims.

Aquarians usually have a wide social circle, they are not deprived of signs of attention. But it is difficult for Aquarius to fall in love: they perfectly see the shortcomings of people and even feel them intuitively. In addition, they secretly fear vulnerability and loss of independence if they open their hearts. Therefore, it rarely comes to romance: people who pay special attention often seem to be unsuitable partners.

It is worth trying to be a little less prudent: everyone who sympathizes does not have to be mistaken for an enemy or ill-wisher.

However, before starting a really serious relationship, you need to get to know the chosen person better.

Aquarians have a strong intuition, but in romantic affairs either they don’t hear her voice, or they stop trusting, or she lets them down. As a result - a strange, even ridiculous choice under the first impression, on the advice of a friend, or out of the desire to “spend time with someone” is made.

Aquarians have a high chance of meeting their destined partner among like-minded people who share hobbies and interests. It is worth visiting relevant forums, clubs, events more often, and discussing interests.

Frivolous attitude

Aquarians, in spite of being independent, elusive and incomprehensible, also want to be the most important and irreplaceable for a partner. Aquarians love to joke, but they do not accept humor about themselves.

Being “windy” by nature, Aquarians expect absolute constancy from the chosen one. Only wise people are capable of a serious relationship with Aquarius, who perceive them as they are, without trying to fix them. However, even then an imbalance in the union is possible.

Aquarians are extravagant, prone to flamboyant and stunning antics. We must try to be more predictable and practical. Serious relationships require long-term commitments, which are something Aquarians avoid.

Aquarians should trust more and act according to his intuition, which he knows very well, and also his feelings. He should also share them, and be more open, otherwise the chosen one gets the impression of coldness on the part of Aquarius, which becomes the cause of disharmony.

I’m afraid of ending the relationship

It is paradoxical that Aquarius, very independent, sometimes become prisoners of outdated relationships and victims of manipulation. They are unhappy, but they don’t try to change anything. This means not so much the fear of loneliness as the fear of being alone with the experiences: suddenly they turn out to be so strong that it will be impossible to cope with them.

Aquarians give the impression of being able to control their own emotions. They avoid severe stress that will release these emotions, and feelings. Breaking up even an inharmonious relationship can seem like just that kind of stress.

By giving more freedom to their feelings, even in everyday behavior, Aquarius will be able to prepare psychologically for decisiveness, actions, and better understand their experiences.

Not ready to start a family, but the partner insists.

Aquarians, even at a mature age, do not feel the need to start a family. The point is often not a fear of responsibility, but a fear of losing freedom.

Aquarius is frightened by the prospect of the appearance of people who control them. Sometimes Aquarians perceive marriage as a trap, from which they cannot get out, therefore they prefer non-traditional forms of alliances: “without a stamp,” without common property, “guest marriage” (to live separately), to have a place of solitude while remaining faithful to the “bachelor” lifestyle. When a partner accepts such a union, there are no particular difficulties. But usually only Aquarius is satisfied with this.

Aquarians, with all their love of freedom, strive for harmony and love. But Aquarius needs to dispel dark fantasies about family life. Stop being afraid that marriage will prevent them from realizing their aspirations, dreams, and reaching their goals.

These are just general characteristics of Aquarius, and not something specific for the people of this sign, everything is individual.

Aquarians are creative people for whom public opinion does not matter. They are accustomed to acting at their own discretion, while not listening to anyone. Such people are attracted by halves with a strong and rebellious character who do not know what a monotonous and passive life is. Shyness is also not for Aquarius. So, timid representatives of other signs of the zodiac will not be interesting to them.

Classic Aquarius is a humanist, a realistic romantic, an engine of progress, always looking for new knowledge and impressions, sometimes paradoxical. It may seem and in fact be not like everyone else, since he is used to living according to his own laws and rules, he does not want to be like others.

Sometimes it can surprise and discourage others with a statement. Aquarius can be interested in anything from pottery to questions of the universe. Who is suitable for Aquarius and his restless and inquisitive nature? Next, let’s talk about who is well compatible with an Aquarius woman and an Aquarius man.

Who suits an Aquarius woman?

The Aquarius lady is attractive, smart, sometimes sarcastic, but in love she can be timid, gentle, and pleasant. To do this, it is necessary to get her to take off her “protective armor,” and not everyone succeeds and not always.

The relationship between the Aquarius woman and the Aries man is good. He admires her and she admires him. They may have a lot in common, and therefore such alliances are very strong.

So also for such a woman, a twin man (Gemini) is good. Both are intellectually developed, knowledgeable, and ready for adventures.

At the very least, they will have a good friendship.

The lion man shows a possessive instinct towards his chosen one, is jealous of her, but this jealousy only amuses her.

Both get a lot from the relationship, a strong union.

Sometimes there is a relationship with a representative of their sign, but more often it is something like “friendly love,” there may not be children in such a marriage, since both of them are enough with each other.

The Libra man and the Aquarius woman will jointly enjoy the beauty and wealth of this world, without bothering each other with everyday problems.

With a fish man (Pisces), a good union can happen if both partners have experience of past relationships behind them, which taught them a lot.

Who suits the Aquarius man?

The Aquarius man is active, sociable, cheerful, full of new ideas. Attractive to women due to their charisma and love of life. Not many Aquarius men marry because they believe that marriage can limit their freedom. A male Aquarius is advised to choose a woman based on her age.

Until the age of 30, he needs interesting communication, learning something new, comprehending new sensations and impressions. During this period, women of the air element are most suitable for him: Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius.
After 30 years, Aquarius becomes more practical and realistic. He needs a woman who is suitable for such a life. It is worth choosing a woman of the signs Virgo and Aries.

After 40, many Aquarians acquire the respectability characteristic of this age, and therefore a lion woman will become an ideal companion during this period.

What is Aquarius like in a love relationship?

Many Aquarians are very interesting personalities, so they choose the same as a couple. Aquarius will never stay with someone who does not “hook” him. You cannot be dear to Aquarius by force, you cannot crush him under yourself, since this sign retains a part of its freedom and independence even after being married. However, if you managed to interest Aquarius, he will be faithful to you both in soul and body if the relationship is going well.

The Aquarius partner will have to put up with the fact that in addition to him, his loved one has a lot of his own interests. He cannot constantly sit next to her and look with enthusiastic eyes at his chosen one. He definitely needs time for endless self-development, communication, studying something that has not yet been explored.

But this has its own plus:

Aquarius will not demand that you spend all your time with him, and will easily let you go to a meeting with friends or on any trip. By nature, you are not jealous - by flirting with another person you will not cause a storm of emotions in him, but if there’s infidelity then he will not forgive.

If you fit well with your Aquarius, he will surround you with warmth and care, will constantly feed you with new information, emotions, and impressions. But even if you are in love without memory, do not rush to run after rings - such people are in no hurry to enter into an official marriage.

You should not take all of the above information as the ultimate truth. All people are different, and even if the horoscope says a categorical “no,” this does not mean that you will not be happy. In reality, relationships largely depend on how both partners behave, and not on who was born under what sign.

Who suits Aquarius? Compatibility of signs

Aquarius - the name given to this zodiac sign speaks for itself, it is an air sign thirsting for freedom and eternal movement, which rather lives by the thinking mind than by feelings. But even such a reserved and mysterious person has a heart that wants to love and be loved.

The eternal adventurer is not used to living by the rules, it is common for him to destroy stereotypes and create his own laws of life. With whom can such an eccentric, highly intellectual personality find happiness, in the depths of his soul, with which an ocean of feelings and emotions seethes?

Lady Aquarius is a charming woman who attracts men with her sexual acrimony and genuine self-confidence. Such women know their own worth well, and it is not an easy task to win them over. They are smart and calculating, often flirting for the sake of sports interest and raising their self-esteem.

They constantly strive to challenge society, emphasizing their individuality and independence. Often such women seem to be iron, but this is only a mask. In fact, a woman Aquarius is a very tender and vulnerable girl who simply does not know how to open her heart and is afraid to be left alone.

The representatives of the stronger sex, born under this sign, are skillful interlocutors, cheerful, and creative. Their charisma and intellect are so attractive that it will turn the head of any girl. But it is very difficult to call them family men.

After all, this man most of all does not like frames, restrictions and obligations. Therefore, creating a family, Aquarius-man needs to be aware that life in marriage is not the end for him as a person, but a new stage of his realization and the opportunity to take more from life.


Aquarius in love will surround his partner with tenderness and love. He will not be jealous and restrictive. On the contrary, he will try to bring a sea of ​​pleasant new impressions into the life of a loved one.

Due to its broad outlook, this sign can find a common language with any representative of the zodiac. He is especially attracted by unapproachable intellectuals with a pronounced inner core, who, just like him, love diversity, new experiences, noisy companies and numerous friends.

Let’s take a closer look at who suits Aquarius:

This couple can become ideal and live happily ever after. The fire of Aries is exactly what Aquarius lacks in the implementation of his brilliant ideas and plans. In turn, the calm prudence of the latter is a missing puzzle in the character of Aries, which needs to learn to restrain the sudden surging irritation and not cut from the shoulder.

The main thing in such a relationship is mutual respect for each other and the absence of pressure. Passion and ardor help to create a union, and the desire for novelty and the complementarity of characters allow this air-fiery couple to maintain their fire of love for many years.

With Taurus

A difficult and problematic union, possible rather after the age of 40. Partners have different interests and views on life. For Aquarius, the basis of relationships is intellectual compatibility, and for Taurus - harmony in sexual relations. In sex he is completely liberated and, like an animal, surrenders to his instincts.

And if, at first, the partners may be in captivity of illusions, then at the end of the candy-bouquet period, the discovery of all the differences is inevitable. Freedom-loving Aquarius will feel locked in a stuffy cocoon of relationships, while Taurus, oriented towards creating a family, will feel unloved and unwanted.

With Gemini, the Union is ideally named for the kind of relation they have - “sex friends”

The partners have a lot in common, they get along well and understand each other. But spending a long time together satiates them, and they disperse for some time going about their business, and meeting their friends, while possibly being carried away by light intrigues.

And when these two intellectuals are filled with new impressions, they again converge with newly revived feelings. Gemini can understand Aquarius without words, and this relationship can be very deep and romantic. But they can grow into a family only for the sake of children, because the two of them are comfortable together and in an open relationship.

“Dolphin and mermaid, not a couple, not a couple. Aquarius and Cancer are like people from different planets who do not know how to communicate with each other.

Aquarius is annoyed by Cancer’s excessive emotionality and talkativeness, and his desire to do everything together and spend as much time as possible together. This completely enrages the wayward, ever-thirsting for freedom Aquarius. Cancer, captivated by the mystery of Aquarius, will silently suffer next to its beloved, not daring to break off relations for the sake of children or family.

Who suits the Aquarius man according to the zodiac sign horoscope

Leo is perhaps one of the best partners for Aquarius. At first glance, passion flares up between the representative of these zodiacs. They not only complement each other, but also stimulate development. True, here too, it will not do without difficulties.

The struggle for leadership in a couple can lead to a cooling of feelings and a break in relations. But nevertheless, this is unlikely, because this couple perfectly feels and understands each other, which gives them the opportunity to settle all possible conflicts in time.

These two can only be together when both are well over 30, their souls have scars from love failures and they want a calm and measured life. A union is possible, albeit very problematic.

A magnificent and harmonious union based on intellectual compatibility and love for beauty. The thirst for impressions will unite their hearts in difficult moments when everyday life will destroy their friendly union. The only thing that can jeopardize their joint happiness is the desire of Libra to agree in everything so as not to quarrel, and the desire to idealize and balance them all around.

Aquarius can weigh all of this, which can lead to the departure of the latter to a stronger partner than Libra. They can remain good friends, keeping happy memories in their minds like precious stones.

With Scorpio

Contradictory and unlikely union. What can be compared to the energy of Scorpio? Probably adamant and strongest in the world. After all, no one can resist the magnetism of Scorpio, not even Aquarius. But when the violent passion subsides, and ordinary everyday life begins in the life of a couple, each of them will begin to demonstrate opposite aspirations.

Aquarius will strive for an equal, calm relationship, full of trust and diversity, but for Scorpio it is important to be the main person in the relationship and completely control the loved one. The most affected children in these families are children who grow up in an atmosphere of constant tug-of-war and showdown.

With Sagittarius

Good understanding and common interests. Sagittarius is flattered by the independence and charisma of a partner. And Aquarius likes the irrepressibility, sense of humor, and nobility that are characteristic of Sagittarius. Provided that the partners appreciate each other and make efforts to maintain the family hearth, the union promises to be a long and strong.

With Capricorns

The probability of a strong union is low for these two signs. Capricorn is too conservative and boring for Aquarius, his views on life are hard as stone. In this couple, everyone will live by their own interests, creating only the appearance of a happy couple.

With Aquarius

Two representatives of this sign, on the one hand, will never get bored with each other, and on the other hand, there will be no special passions in this pair either. Their intimate life will be full and varied, but sensual intimacy will be lacking. They may even be of the same profession. Two identical signs are a wonderful couple that can last for many years if they can let each other go in search of new experiences.

To say for sure that an alliance is impossible is impossible. Both come face to face with a lack of understanding of the nature of each other. Tolerance to each other’s shortcomings and a willingness to compromise can save the union.

So we found out who suits Aquarius and who does not. But no matter how harsh or generous the stars are to us, it depends only on us whether we will be happy and whether we will make our loved one happy. Horoscope compatibility is important but not paramount. Therefore, we paraphrase the well-known saying as follows: trust the horoscopes, but do not make a mistake yourself, there is still an option to pass the compatibility test.

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