Aquarius Persons And Relationships: The Most Spontaneous Zodiac Sign

Aquarius Persons And Relationships: The Most Spontaneous Zodiac Sign

In the eleventh article in the series on signs and relationships, I write about Aquarius.

“I say, he/she doesn’t pay attention; my opinion is never taken into account; he/she is cold and impersonal; goes out a lot with friends; too much utopia for little accomplishment.” One day you will complain about any of these things if you are in close contact with Aquarius.

Relax, the Aquarian mind is accelerated, and they live in the future, sometimes visionary, sometimes imaginary, sometimes reactionary, depending on the day. Have the patience to listen to advice, people who like to give advice! No, they don’t follow what they say, but they are usually right in what they say.

Give them space, and they will return to you

They seek the truth and do not usually lie (but beware, an ascendant in Gemini, Pisces, or Neptune in House I can change that). They are fixed air, compressed, and have crazy anxiety for freedom without a name and definition.

Anxiety is the name of Aquarius. After all, here lies the excess of the future. Show them that life happens in the present and will do them a great favor. Intellectual compatibility is an aphrodisiac for this air sign, ruled by Uranus - pure rationality. Affection for what !? The thing is to think, think and think. Emotions get in the way, you know? They need to learn to love, surrender, and have physical contact (unless Cancer is powerful).

Think of someone who tends not to depend on you, to touch his own life, is the Aquarian. Relationship for them is horizontal, even if it is work. Yes, they are insubordinate employees because they do not understand what hierarchy is for. Their concept is leadership and, often, based on “I lead, you follow.” 

It is the Leo-Aquarius axis, my dear, and we will not throw all the Zodiac’s authority on Leo. No, Aquarius also likes to rule, the way it changes.

The Aquarius speaks to the crowds but remains on the podium. Did you catch it? Agglomerations disturb these natives.

As bosses think they know everything and it isn’t easy to prove the opposite, sometimes you will need the help of someone in the same hierarchy for them. But think of a boss who teaches you how to reason and gives you all the elements for that.

Aquarius’ greatest fear is the fear of commitment. Aquarius has a hard time starting a relationship for that very reason because he is afraid of it. He is scared of locking himself into something that does not allow him to be free. You are so scared of being with a person who slows you down and puts limits on you. Aquarius wants to live his life as he wants and does not want anyone to come and tell him what to do or forbid things.

Aquarius wants to do things his way and that no one imposes any rules on him. He loves his freedom and independence above anything else, and that is why you will find him being happy when he is single.

But deep down, there is something that tells you that you would like to fall in love. Love is a risk, and Aquarius would like to live that risk. It scares him, but he also knows that it would bring him a lot of new things.

Aquarius is known for being a very distant person who has a hard time giving himself to others. He always keeps his distance, no matter how much he loves you. Aquarius does not like romanticism or showing love at all times. When Aquarius falls in love, he does it and shows his passion also in his way.

Aquarius shows his love by respecting that person daily, respecting his space, and his freedom.

You would never allow yourself to pressure anyone or burden anyone just out of love. Aquarius will be that person who supports you in any decision you make and who will fight for you to accept Aquarius’s decision. He knows how to enjoy solitude better than anyone and that Aquarius does not need anyone to be happy, but from time to time, he falls in love without hardly wanting to.

Try to be as rational as possible when dealing with Aquarius, use proven arguments (their mind is scientific), don’t be needy, show independence and autonomy, and you will captivate them. Relating to Aquarius is not that easy, but traveling to the future is for a few, isn’t it?

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