9 Godly Women Of The Bible Every Christian Must Know About

9 Godly Women Of The Bible Every Christian Must Know About

The Bible has several examples of God fearing women who made a difference at the time. These women stood out in a world dominated by men, and showed that God uses us all to fulfill his purposes. These are 9 women who stood out, but they are not the only ones ...

1. Sara

Sara, although she was well into years, abandoned everything to live the rest of her life in tents. She always stayed with her husband, Abraham, supporting him. Sara believed God, and at 90, she realized her dream of having a child. God filled his heart with joy.

Sarah then said: “God has made me laugh, and everyone who finds out that I have had a child will laugh with me.”
Genesis 21: 6

2. Miriam

Miriam was born and grew up as a slave in Egypt. He looked after his brother Moses when he was a baby. That is the same Moses whom God used to free the people from slavery. In addition to being a worship leader, Miriam was a prophetess and was highly respected by the Hebrew people.

Miriam sang to them like this: Sing to the Lord, who has crowned himself with triumph by throwing horses and horsemen into the sea.
Exodus 15:21

3. Rajab

Rajab was a prostitute from Jericho who saved the lives of two Hebrew spies. That was the reason why his family was saved when the Hebrews attacked Jericho. Thanks to her faith, this despised woman gained a place among the people of Israel, became one of the ancestors of Jesus and obtained a place among the heroes of the faith.

By faith the prostitute Rahab did not die along with the disobedient,
for she had received the spies in peace.
Hebrews 11:31

4. Débora

Deborah was a prophetess and judge who led Israel when there was no king. She summoned the army and encouraged the warriors to defeat the oppressors. Under the leadership of Deborah, Israel had peace for 40 years.

The warriors of Israel disappeared;
They disappeared until I got up.
I, Débora, got up
like a mother in Israel!
Judges 5: 7

5. Ruth

Ruth was not an Israelite, but she earned a place among God’s people for her dedication to God and for the love of her mother-in-law. She left her home and her family to serve God. Ruth was hardworking and respectful. She conquered Boaz’s heart and was the great-grandmother of King David.

But Ruth replied:
“Do not insist that I abandon you or that I be separated from you!
Because I will go where you go, and I will live where you live.
Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God.
Ruth 1:16

6. Ana

Ana could not have children, but she trusted God and prayed with faith for one. When God gave it to her, she dedicated it to him as a token of gratitude. Samuel grew up in the temple and became a great prophet.

Ana raised this prayer:
My heart rejoices in the Lord;
in it lies my power.
I can celebrate his salvation
and make fun of my enemies.
1 Samuel 2: 1

7. Esther

Esther was an Israeli girl who won the most important beauty contest of her time and became the queen of Persia. She was very brave and risked her life to save her people from a great massacre. God gave Esther beauty, grace and intelligence so that she could protect her people.

The king liked Esther more than all the other women, and she gained her approval and sympathy more than all the other virgins. So he girded her with the royal crown and proclaimed her queen instead of Vashti.
Esther 2:17

8. María

Mary was a simple young woman who was chosen for a great mission: to be the mother of Jesus. She did not reject that mission but accepted it with faith. With assurance and aplomb Mary helped educate Jesus and, years later, saw him resurrected in glory.

“Here you have the servant of the Lord,” Maria answered. Let him do to me as you have told me.
Lucas 1:38

9. Priscilla

Priscilla is an example of teamwork. She worked with her husband, Aquila, spreading the word of God. They were friends of Pablo and they founded a church in his house. Priscilla and Aquila also taught and prepared a man named Apollos for the work of God.

Greet Priscilla and Aquila, my co-workers in Christ Jesus. For saving my life, they risked theirs. Both I and all the Gentile churches are grateful.
Romans 16: 3-4

Get inspired by the example of these great women of God!

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