8 Christmas Traditions And The Birth Of Jesus

8 Christmas Traditions And The Birth Of Jesus

Christmas is one of the most important holidays for the Christian people. It is when we remember the birth of Jesus and the salvation that God offers to all humanity. However, little by little society is taking Jesus out of the center of Christmas to replace him with Santa Claus, shopping and meals. The children of God must keep our focus on him and share his message of love and salvation with those around us.

How can we do it? Telling his story! Talking about the real meaning of Christmas and explaining the importance of Jesus, the baby born in the manger. Let’s look at some Christmas traditions that help us with this goal.

1. Read the biblical story

It’s nice to read together as a family the passage of the Bible that talks about the birth of Jesus. We can read the prophecies in Isaiah and the biblical account that is in the gospels, in Matthew 1 and in Luke 2. There are also many Christian books or Bibles for children that explain the history of Christmas in an easy to understand language.

2. Send Christmas cards and messages

It is a tradition of English origin that we all like. Today it is very easy to send printed or virtual congratulations to our family and friends as a sign of affection. It is good to choose cards with verses about the history of Christmas or add a note that explains the meaning of the birth of Jesus and the salvation we have thanks to him.

3. Eat or dine together

We usually eat with our family and friends during the Christmas season. Special delicious dishes and typical Christmas sweets are prepared to share in a relaxed atmosphere, full of laughter and love. Before eating we can take a few minutes to express our gratitude to God for all his goodness, for family and friends, and for sending his Son Jesus.

4. The songs and the carols

Music is very important to us and this is reflected in traditions such as inns, parrandas and carols. We also have traditional Christmas hymns such as Night of Peace and the world of peace, Jesus was born who communicate the true meaning of Christmas. We must be careful with the lyrics of the Christmas songs and use those that speak about Jesus.

5. Home decoration

There are many precious Christmas motives with which we can express that Jesus is important to us. For example, we can put the manger (birth or nativity scene), use stars, angels, lights or candles and other decorations that remind us that we celebrate Jesus and the love of God.

6. The gifts

Christmas gifts should be details of appreciation and love towards our family and friends, not the center or the reason for the celebration. Gifts should help us remember God’s great gift to us: his Son Jesus. One way to honor Jesus and his heart full of love is to try to help the most disadvantaged people during Christmas time.

7. Celebrations, cantatas or Christmas theater

Every year the churches prepare Christmas cantatas and theaters about the history of Christmas. We can attend as a family or participate in representations of scenes that talk about the proclamation, the birth of Jesus and the visit of the shepherds and the magicians of the East.

8. The day of the Kings

On January 6, the visit of the wise men of the East to the baby Jesus mentioned Matthew 2 is celebrated, although in reality the celebration has many different data than the Bible says. In any case, it is customary to give gifts to children as a souvenir of the gifts that the wise men brought to the baby Jesus. Many families eat together that day and then go for a walk or to the park for children to play with their new toys.

These are some of the Christmas traditions that help us remember Jesus and his birth. Let us bring his love and peace to all those around us during Christmas and every day of the year. Let him be the center of everything we do.

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