The 8 Personality Traits of an Aquarius Zodiac Sign Explained In Detail

The 8 Personality Traits of an Aquarius Zodiac Sign Explained In Detail

Each sign of the Zodiac has its own characteristics and each one is quite different from each other. But even so, they are considered “normal”. Although the sign of Aquarius contains absolutely common natives, this is the sign considered as “the difference” of the Zodiac. And no less!

Aquarius brings to its natives a unique, strong and fearless personality, which often causes, as a consequence, attitudes that make no sense to absolutely anyone else, so much so that they generate that famous question: “why did you do that?” And, many times , not even the Aquarian knows the answer. But everything can be explained by astrology!

So, see below eight Aquarian attitudes that nobody understands!

Emotional distance

Getting an Aquarian to fall in love with you is particularly difficult (not to say almost impossible). And that does not mean that they are closed because they simply decided to do so.

In fact, what happens is a strong attachment to your momentary wills. That is, they want to do whatever they feel like and at the moment they feel like it. This makes it difficult for them to connect with someone, because they believe that a deeper connection means routine and obligations.

Therefore, Aquarius prefer to save their hearts for someone who is really the right person. One that, upon seeing, there will be no doubt that it is worth risking part of your freedom.

Everything or nothing

Okay, it really is very difficult to win the heart of an Aquarian. First, because it is already difficult to get that person’s attention. Afterwards, it is difficult to get her to stay focused on you.

But, from the moment you conquer the Aquarius native and he lets you into his heart, get ready. From now on, you will live intense and absolutely fun moments.

The relationship that you will live together will be surrounded by a lot of fun, adventures - which involve certain risks, it is true, but Aquarius wants to live life to its fullest, so get ready!

Dreams beyond measure

Dreaming is good, but Aquarians dream for them and all the other signs of the Zodiac together (apart from Pisces, of course)! And they are not afraid to dream and dream big: they want to see the world, travel, buy a house in the mountains, climb Everest, help children in Africa, all at the same time, if possible. Thus, they can experience the emotions of each of these moments.

Often, they are judged for dreaming too much and fleeing from reality, after all, they are always in search of their dreams. You must understand that they will never stop dreaming. In addition, they will also never let go of their desires - Aquarians live to be able to dream, and they dream to be able to live!


Aquarians are insatiable. They are never satisfied with what they have. They always want more, more and more. If you traveled abroad this year, you are already thinking about your next trip and your next destination. If they bought a car, they are already thinking about buying an apartment. If you knew a paradisiacal beach, now you are already thinking about climbing mountains.

If they have their own closet, they want to enlarge it. No matter what, they always want more. This may be seen by many as ingratitude or self-centeredness, but it is not so.

As stated in the previous attitude, Aquarians are very dreamy and always want the best they can have (both emotionally, spiritually and physically) to be absolutely happy.

Nature lovers

Aquarians value what is natural. The trees, the ocean, the land, the smell of flowers, birds flying loose (never in cages), animals in their natural habitat and everything that is (literally) natural.

Hippies? Not necessarily. Only true appreciators of God’s creation, destiny, or whatever you believe; for Aquarians, what matters is to believe. So, if you are going to accompany a native of Aquarius on a hike, get ready to hear comments like: “what a delight to breathe this air!”, “See what beautiful flowers, let’s smell it!” And things like that. They are true nature lovers

Stubbornness reigns

One of the main characteristics of Aquarius is being incredibly stubborn. Like other signs of the Zodiac, but at a much more advanced level, Aquarians always want to do the opposite of what the rest of the population is doing.

In fact, you can be sure that, just to upset you, the Aquarian will choose to do exactly the opposite of what you said. After all, the natives of this sign hate (they just hate) taking orders.

Freedom is addiction

Aquarians are absolutely addicted to their freedom. They just can’t live without it. It is as if they are addicted to the feeling of being able to own their own lives, of being able to do what they want at the time they want.

It is even annoying for other signs to see the Aquarius always flying free around. Aquarians do not measure the consequences and do not think about their attitudes before putting them into practice. They simply do what the heart tells, what the mind thinks and the moment it thinks.

Be different

Put all the previous attitudes together and you will have an Aquarius being. His stubbornness, combined with freedom and an uncontrollable desire to see more, feel more, have more and know more, makes the natives of Aquarius what they are: different.

Is fashion checkered? Then, they will try stripes. Is it legal to go to the United States? Then, they will get to know Africa. Traditional hair? Nothing! Let’s see what having blue hair and wearing platform heels can provide as an experience.

Is it nice to stay home on a Friday night, having a good wine? Yeah, this may be cool, but only for a Friday of the year. In all others, they will be experiencing the sensation of a new discovery!

This is what the Aquarian wants: to live intensely. Live every sensation that life can provide. Experience everything and everywhere. It is to know yourself every day, even if for that he needs to be a different version of yourself every day.

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