5 Things About Reiki That Every Reikian Should Be Aware Of

5 Things About Reiki That Every Reikian Should Be Aware Of

In my work as a promoter of the energy of love called Reiki, I always come across Reikians who have received attunement from their masters. Still, it has not been explained to them that Reiki is much more than a technique for healing and preventing diseases.

They believe that Reiki only serves to treat sick people or people with high stress. However, they are unaware that Reiki is much more than that. It isn’t easy to measure in a text all the teachings that make Reiki so special. However, I have summarized in 5 the central instructions that every Reikian should know. Let’s go to them:

1. Reiki is not just a technique but an enlightenment path

When we start Reiki, a new journey begins. The Reikian starts to change his thinking patterns. He must begin to internalize his emotions and thoughts to understand that we must open our mind, body, and spirit to receive this energy to transcend mentally and spiritually.

Reiki is a path of enlightenment and liberation of consciousness. When the initiate does not understand this, his use of Reiki becomes limited, as it is clear that the quality of the treatment depends more on the vessel than on its content. The more you are open to Reiki, the more your healing power acts on both the healer and the recipient.

2. Healing is not only physical but also mental and spiritual

When we talk about healing, we think only of visible diseases, such as anxiety, stress, worry, high blood pressure, etc. However, we forget that many of our pains are caused by the conditions that we have in our souls.

The fear of the new, the feeling of hidden revenge, the hurt of the past, the overwhelming guilt, and low self-esteem are all diseases that Reiki cures of a unique harmony of liberation from these feelings that imprison our soul.

When this energy touches us, a new path opens up. Love begins to vibrate in our subtle field, making our vibration lighter and more serene, healing our spirit and mind. For healing to take place, it needs to occur at all levels of being.

3. Healing Begins by the Curator

Master Hawayo Takata said that healing should start with the healer, then he should perform the healing in his family to make a recovery in people outside his home. The 21-day process that must be performed after each attunement serves for the initiate to align his vibration with Reiki, becoming a channel for peace and unconditional love. This process is also necessary so that the new Reikian can incorporate this practice in his daily life to heal past traumas and negative thoughts within him.

In this way, healing occurs first in the healer, but it is also essential that the Reikian goes through self-observation. He must understand that contemplation and internalization of thoughts will also be part of his journey along the path of Reiki enlightenment.

4. The Symbols are sacred, and we must use them in this way

The popularization of Reiki has brought many benefits to humanity. More and more hospitals and treatment centers are joining the practice of Reiki.

However, this also leads to a trivialization of symbols and their practices. There are “jet” Reiki courses where the Reikian is channeled through the four levels in just one weekend. I am not saying that Reikian cannot use Reiki, but he will not understand that Reiki is a path and that it needs to be followed to seek the awakening of our consciousness.

That to use Reiki to its full potential, it is essential to work on the channel it passes through, that is, Reikian himself.

The Reikian may not understand that each symbol serves a particular purpose and that its use must always be considered and handled correctly. It is necessary to accompany the initiate since wrong instructions can frustrate our efforts and lead us away from the path of Reiki.

5. It is essential to know your Reikian Lineage

Knowledge of the lineage that takes you to the source of Master Mikao Usui is essential. This shows the path taken to reach you.

Every Reikian should know this lineage to feel respect and sacredness for the previous masters who passed Reiki to you.

When I was initiated, I did not obtain this information. This led me to seek Reiki from another master and start the path of inner enlightenment again.

Today I know the path the energy took until it reached me, and I accept that energy in my heart. For this reason, if you do not know your lineage, I suggest starting to search. This will bring you a sense of belonging and motivate you to continue on this beautiful path of giving and universal healing.

Reiki will make you responsible for your health and well-being. It will free the perfect healer within you and what you are in essence. Reiki will get you to know who you are, releasing the light from your consciousness and making you a healer, not just of the body but also of the spirit and mind.

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