5 Signs That You've Met Someone From The Past Life


If you ever had the feeling of a strong Déjà vu, of having been in a certain place or time; or you have quickly felt a connection with someone, they may be signs that reveal aspects of a previous life. Know how to warn them.

For some people, the body and the soul are different entities. Therefore, with the death of the physical body there is not only an end, but also a new rebirth where the soul continues its path of learning. Continual change continues its course, but it is never the same “me” that is reborn.

For those who believe in this, if you ever had the feeling of a strong Déjà vu, of having been in a certain place or time; or you have quickly felt a connection with someone, they may be signs that reveal aspects of a previous life.

Learn how to warn them when you are in front of a stranger who for some strange reason does not seem to be so.
The existence of each person on this planet is not limited to just that life. Our souls have lived before, in other places, other times, other situations. And just as many people cross our path in this life, they may already have crossed it in past lives. Someone we just met may have been extremely important at one of the other times when we live on the earth plane. It is possible to notice this connection through some signs that are observed the moment you know someone. Understand a little more about them.

You instantly feel right next to each other

The moment you meet that person, a connection is formed. It is something unique that attracts only positive feelings. You feel connected to her, you trust her, you feel that it would be possible to confide your secrets and that this person would be able to support you in any situation. This feeling can arise from the recognition between two souls who once shared love and trust.

Do you feel an immediate negative effect when together

It is that person that you don’t get along with, for no apparent reason. Very strong connections are formed not only between friends and loved ones, but between enemies as well. After all, you must have learned something from a person who was against you in some other life. Experiencing a feeling of dislike the moment you meet someone does not necessarily mean that you will not have good relationships in this life, but it does refer to those you have experienced in the past. That person may have crossed your path again even for you to get it right this time.

You experience a feeling of deja vu

Experience something for the first time with the feeling that it has happened before. It may just be a trick of our memory, but it can also indicate something that really happened in other lifetimes. When you are close to someone you have lived with before, it is also possible to experience that feeling. And if the person feels it too, chances are great that you have already experienced a similar situation in other lives.

You seem to be connected by telepathy

There are people you know so well that you even seem to know what they’re thinking. The ones you don’t even need to talk to: they already know what you’re going to say, they send you messages as soon as you think of them, and so on. This intense connection may have been built over more than one life, beyond that.

You recognize his look

It may have been the first time in your life that you have seen a certain person, but something tells you that you already know each other. Something in your eyes. The saying goes: the eyes are the window of the soul, and that is true! As much as our appearances are completely different throughout our different lives, our eyes still tell the stories of past existences. The eyes of someone you have met in another life will still indicate that familiarity. So stay tuned when you recognize someone’s eyes. That someone may have been important to you in some other life.

What to learn?

If something or someone from a past life comes back, it is because there is a learning that has not yet been resolved. The being is even more powerful than the mind, and the universe will put you again and again in front of the same thing so that you can solve it.

As soon as you do, you will feel relief and continue to advance on a path of growth and enlightenment.

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