5 Myths About Love According To The Astrology

5 Myths About Love According To The Astrology

Of course, when it comes to love, Astrology can certainly help you understand who you are going to treat once the honeymoon is over and all the masks are out. It can also help you choose who to leave with through a test run, and - more importantly - to avoid. However, many of the things you will hear about Astrology about relationships are not one hundred percent certain; since nothing is. Take, for example, these five famous myths about love to examine them.

Myth #1: Automatic sign compatibility

There is much more to examine when it comes to solar sign compatibility. Each natal chart is basically a map of the heavens, so everything that is compressed around your Sun will be displayed somewhere in that chart. All these unique energy combinations can wreak havoc for your “perfect” compatibility or make it eminently easy for two normally “incompatible” to live together and happily ever after. The astrological cast in charge of the compatibility of relationships not only includes the sun and the moon, but it also includes several thousand asteroids. Between Mars and Jupiter, for example, there are all kinds of asteroids, including a comet called Chiron. In case you have doubts, have a professional make a composite letter.

Myth #2: Perfect compatibility on paper = Perfect compatibility in person

Arriving at a close second is the other side of the coin Astrological - when the compatibility of two people looks very good on paper, it will be the same in reality. (This is particularly useful if you’ve met someone on the Internet who you’re convinced you to understand better than anyone else ever could). If in doubt, test your connection with this person before making any decision about how you feel, or making plans for the future.

Myth #3: The right time is everything

Myth number three is a real heart breaker. Despite what experts say, no one can completely predict when you will find the love of your life. It just can not be done. For example, romance may, in fact, be favored for Librans on Thursday, but there are too many human beings walking on Earth and even a single person could interfere with your coincidental introduction with Mr. or Mrs. Perfection. In case of doubt, interview several applicants before inviting them to sleep at your house no matter what your horoscope says.

Myth #4: The magic moon

The full moon and romance. The fact that there is a full moon does not mean that it will be a special night or of tenderness. Full moons definitely increase the volume of our emotions, but that’s not always a good thing. And if you can not believe this, take a survey with emergency nurses and police officers. In case of doubt, wait until there is a new moon to make important decisions.

Myth #5: Always ask for advice

Finally, there is a popular belief that astrologers are psychic people in the romance department. We are not. Some of us have not even had an accurate idea of our own relationships. In case of doubt - and as a final rule - trust your own instinct.

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