5 Qualities That Make A Woman Fall in Love with Virgo Man

5 Qualities That Make A Woman Fall in Love with Virgo Man

If you are thinking of conquering a virgoan, get ready, as this will not be an easy task. They like to know a person very well before trusting him and giving him his feelings. Also, here is another warning for you: once you conquer, the task will be even more arduous, because Virgos are (very) demanding!

Virgo natives are intelligent, a little shy, analytical, absolutely organized, perfectionist, systematic, and most often prefer to do things the way they think is right.

But not only hard characteristics are made the virgos. They are also very trustworthy creatures, loyal friends, patient and fun with people they like. A virgoan is slow to give his heart, but when he does, prepare for a very sincere relationship.

Do you want to conquer someone from Virgo? Are you ready to be reviewed and criticized, but also much loved and respected? Then the Virtual Horoscope will help you. We have separated five characteristics that every Virgo loves in other people and if you put them into practice, you will surely win the heart of those you so desire!

Always be on time

In any situation, whatever the venue and the reason for the meeting, always be on time when meeting a virgoan. They are not very tolerable with delays and making them wait can actually greatly decrease the percentage of chances you have with the boy. It’s no use saying that there was a lot of traffic, that the car broke down, that the bus was slow to pass or anything else. If he arrived on time, you would be able to arrive too, just leaving the house early.

Also be punctual if he picks you up from your home. Keeping you waiting isn’t a charm, okay? He will be counting every second on the clock. You can do this with someone from another sign, but not with someone from Virgo. Remember that there are two types of virgos: the methodical ones, who will be annoyed at your delay, and the most sensitive ones, who will be really worried about you, imagining that something very bad might have happened. Neither case is good, right?

Take care of you

Virgoan are analytical, methodical, insightful and demanding, both with themselves and with the people he lives with. He will notice if your clothes are dirty, if your hair is combed, if your blouse is ironed, if your nails are done and especially if your hygiene is up to date. Always clean nails, clean and combed hair, brushed teeth, good breath and, finally, all other hygiene features should be absolutely perfect.

If any of them aren’t, you can expect a grimace and a comment, because he can’t stand to be silent. And virgos don’t work with indirects, so expect him to say “wow what a horrible breath! I’m not going out with you like that! ”Instead of“ want a candy? ”. But don’t be offended, okay? He only notices because he knows your potential and wants to see the best of you. They are perfectionists, so they have no way of paying attention to every detail.

Don’t be too fervent

Virgo natives are more discreet men who prefer people with the same trait at their side. This does not mean that you need to stay mute if you are in a wheel of friends. In contrast, Virgos also enjoy having fun and will love to have a good laugh. But if you want to get more attention than anyone else, he will feel uncomfortable and possibly a little embarrassed.

Virgo men don’t know how to act in these situations where their mate wants to be the center of attention. They feel lost because they don’t know (and don’t really want to) act the same way. Virgoan like more delicate and discreet women just as they are. Understand that they are rational and calm beings, so they do not like any dramatic attitude.

Do not overdo the indirect

Virgoans enjoy every phase, including the initial stage, when flirting, flirting, exchanging glances and smiles, and everything else right now. But know that they are not very good at it, although they like it. They are easily shy (even those who don’t) and take time to take action. So don’t be afraid to be the first to get a little closer and start a conversation. Just be careful not to do it too fast (don’t forget that he likes all the stages).

Remember that they are subtle, so even as you get closer, take it easy, have a casual chat and have some good laughs together. Show that you are in no hurry, that you are enjoying meeting a cool person as much as he is. After a while, when you realize that the conversation has flowed very well and that you are on the same wavelength, make it clear what you want in a polite manner. As said, they are not good with indirect and will like to know what you want.

Have a nice talk

Virgo people are intellectuals, so they want someone just like them. So you need to have a good conversation. This means being attentive to what is happening to the world, having a high cultural level, and knowing how to talk about a little of everything.

Even if he talks about something you don’t understand, be interested in hearing what he’s talking about, after all, it’s a chance for you to learn something new. If you have the opportunity, start a subject about something interesting, he’ll love it! Virgo natives always seek to evolve and learn more and more because of their insatiable thirst for knowledge.

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