5 Qualities That Makes Woman Fall In Love With Scorpio Man

5 Qualities That Makes Woman Fall In Love With Scorpio Man

Scorpios are intense and like to tease. The sexual part and sensuality is very important for those born under the energy of this sign. If you are wanting a Scorpio man, no fairytale romance here. The keyword here is intensity. Check out these five traits that will help you conquer a Scorpio man:

Seduction games

Scorpio likes to play and stay in control. Get in his game and have patience. Be seductive, but let him feel in power. Scorpios love to be in the position of power, including relationships. These games can be time consuming, but if he’s really taking it seriously, it’s because he wants something more from you.


Play around with the mystery and make a Scorpio man crazy about it. Don’t give it your all at once. Slowly reveal who you are to him that he will do the same thing to you. Knowing a Scorpio well is something that can take even years to happen. You always discover something new from him when you least expect it. Layer by layer.


Sex is essential for this type of man, but in a specific way: it has to be unique and overwhelming! Make him shiver all over from head to toe that will conquer him for good. Don’t be embarrassed and also open for experimentation, we might say, a bit spicier between four walls.


Scorpios like to share secrets and emotions. Although it seems mysterious, a man of this sign has a very strong emotional side and likes to get involved in passionate situations from time to time. Don’t be afraid to tell your innermost secrets. He will feel privileged to know more and more about his private life.

Capriche in the look

If you have a date tagged with a Scorpio sign man, go for it. Prefer clothes and makeup that value your sensuality. A nice cleavage and a red lipstick will make him not take his eyes off you all night. Seduce, but without being vulgar.

These are the hallmarks of a Scorpio man in relationship. Do not generalize and think that all men of the same sign are all the same. Each man will have his own peculiarities and tastes for you to discover gradually and take advantage of the holes to conquer who you want. If you want to better understand how astrology shows how people relate, try to study more about the astral chart and the placement of the planet Venus on it. Good achievements!

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